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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
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Naruto FanFictions - The Drama High School Brings

Naruto FanFictions

Name - The Drama High School Brings

The Drama High School Brings

Chapter One: The Crazy Start

She heard a foreign noise, far away, but she paid no heed to the noise-s intentions, she mumbled something incoherent and shifted in her comfortable bed, placing one of her many pillows over her head trying to block the annoying noise. But to her misfortune, the pillow was not doing its job correctly, she could still hear the damn noise that was so rudely breaking the serene sound barrier in her room.

-Wat the fuck is that noise?- she groggily asked herself, opening her eyes to reveal emerald colored orbs. She blinked a couple of times, trying to make the sleep go away, she shifted around in her bed again this time facing the annoying noise. She smacked herself in the head, for the noise that woke her up was just doing its job. It was six a.m, the time her alarm should go off, the time she wakes up to get ready for school.

-I-m becoming as dense as Ino-pig now!- the girl said to herself, getting up from her warm bed. Sakura Haruno, that was the girl-s name. She was seventeen years old, had unique pink hair and big, bright emerald eyes and she shared a penthouse with her three best friends. Why you may ask? Well, her parents were always out of town, as were the parents of the three other girls, so the adults decided to leave their girls together. Sakura walked into her private bathroom, stopping in front of the mirror to look at herself, her eyes still looked sleepy, but that was something her morning shower could take care of. Stripping off her clothes she stepped into her bathtub.

It didn-t take long for the girl to step out, for she didn-t want to be late. She walked to her walk in closet, taking out her school uniform. It consisted of a black skirt that went up to mid thigh, a white long sleeved collard shirt with a black tie, a black blazer and black boots. On her blazer was her school-s insignia, a white circle with a big -K- in the center, its border saying "Konoha High". She went to school with all her childhood friends, making her love school a little bit more.

Finished pampering herself she walked out of her room.


Next to Sakura-s room, was another room, in which another body slept peacefully in bed, paying no attention to the alarm going off on the night stand beside her. The door to her room silently opened, the head of Sakura popping in. She rolled her eyes at the figure sleeping, and a mischievous look appeared on her rosy lips. Stepping into the purple colored room, Sakura heard her best friend mumble a -Shika, come back-, making the pink haired girl roll her eyes once again.

"Forehead don-t come any closer or I-ll do the same thing as yesterday."

"Man, Ino-pig you ain-t no fun." Sakura pouted, crossing her arms in front of her chest as her emerald eyes followed the other girl-s movements. Ino Yamanaka, Sakura-s best friend. Like the latter, Ino was also seventeen years old, had long blond hair and big mischievous baby blue eyes. She and Sakura have been friends since their diaper days, and been inseparable since then.

"What, am I supposed to let you tickle me to death just to wake me up?" Ino asked with a grin, "Now shut up and do me a favor and take out my uniform while I take a quick shower."

"Yes ma-am," Sakura responded sarcastically, "Do you want me to take out your fishnet stockings too? I mean you are trying to get Shika-s attention away from the bitch aren-t you?" She turned her head in time to see the blond give a nod. After doing the favor her friend asked her to do, she walked out of the room, and walked into the one in front, already knowing that the person in there was up.


The person inhabiting the lime green colored room Sakura just entered was already up and taking a shower. The pink haired girl giggled as she heard the little chant the slightly older girl sang in her shower, what made her laugh was that it consisted of one word. She stopped her laughing when she heard the water stop running and the door to the bathroom open.

"Food, food, food, food, food," The girl chanted, "Good morning Sakura, food, food, food, food."

"Good morning Ten-Ten." Sakura giggled out. Ten-Ten Morino, Sakura-s other best friend. She too was seventeen, only slightly older than the two other girls. She had long wavy chocolate colored tresses, and big matching eyes. She would always wake up with a hungry start, as to why she is chanting -food-. Sakura and Ino met her the week after preschool started, she started her classes a week late for she had moved to the town of Konoha the week before and had still been getting adjusted to the new atmosphere.

"I bet someone-s hungry." Sakura said in a sing song voice.

"You bet! I wonder if Hinata is already getting breakfast ready?" Ten-Ten said, buttoning up her collard shirt. The door to her room was opened, and a girl with long raven hair walked in. Hinata Hyuuga, the last member of the quartet. She was the youngest one as well, being at the age of sixteen, she had long straight raven colored hair and pale lavender pupiless eyes. She and Ten-Ten became the best of friends in preschool, a day before the two became the third and fourth member of their little group.

"Yes, breakfast is ready." Hinata answered, smiling at her two friends. She was the somewhat timid one out of the four, but her shyness had died down over the years, and was now more out going, and if her buttons were pushed the wrong way, she was feisty like the three other girls.

"Really!? Well then what are we waiting for, lets go eat!" Ten-Ten exclaimed excitedly, grabbing her two friends hands and dragging them out her door and to the kitchen. "What the hell did you tell the girl?" Ino asked walking into the kitchen a second after the brunette.

"That breakfast is ready." Ino rolled her eyes, and sat down next to Ten-Ten, as Hinata placed all their breakfasts on the table. The four teens ate while chatting away about all the gossip they-ve heard around school. They were so into their conversations, that they didn-t notice they were done with their servings, and slowly making themselves late for class.

They laughed at their idiocy, and ran back to their rooms to put on their make up and retrieve their messenger bags and other parts of their uniform they refuse to wear. After saying good morning to the two guards that sat in the lobby, the four girls found themselves arguing on who would drive for today, their car being a 2008 Ford Explorer. "Thats it, I-m driving." Sakura growled out, taking her seat in the driver-s seat.

"I call shotguns!" Ten-Ten yelled, as she quickly sat herself in the passenger seat, leaving the two other girls to sit in the back. "Well, lets go!" the hyperactive brunette cheered, making the three other girls giggle, as Sakura drove out of the parking lot and to the road.

The Drama High School Brings

A blond slept like a baby in his messy room, his form being sprawled out in his bed, the blanket nowhere in sight while one of the pillows was in his face, the others claiming the floor. "Yes mommy…cookies…delicious…ramen." he mumbled. The door to his room opened, and a raven haired teen entered. He rolled his onyx eyes at what he saw, he always wondered why and how he became best friends with the boy.

"Dobe, wake up." the raven haired teen said, his smooth deep voice breaking the silence. He twitched when the blond payed no attention to him, and rather shifted around in his sleep. "Goddamn it dobe wake the fuck up." the teen growled. Sasuke Uchiha, that was the name of the growling teen. He was seventeen, had raven colored hair that spiked up in the back while his bangs fell down freely around his face, and had onyx colored eyes. He shared an apartment with five of his best friends, being that they all wanted independence from their parents.

"OK! DAMN I-M UP! DON-T GROWL TEME!" the blond screamed at Sasuke, angry that he was being awaken form the delicious food his mother was making him in his dream. He rubbed the sleep out of his sapphire eyes and looked around his room. Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke-s best friend. He turned seventeen two months ago, had blond hair and big mischievous sapphire eyes. He and Sasuke met the first day of preschool and since then have been best friends. -Stupid teme had to wake me up I was having a nice dream about Raman!-

"Why did you wake me up Sasuke-teme?!" Naruto asked while walking to the bathroom.

"Hn. I don-t know dobe, maybe because we have to go to school today, what do you think Neji?" Sasuke replied sarcastically, while glaring at the shorter teen-s back. Neji Hyuuga, Sasuke-s childhood friend and Hinata-s older cousin. His uncle, Hinata-s father, and Sasuke-s father are very good friends, and thus the two Hyuugas- and the two Uchihas-, Sasuke has an older brother, became close friends. The male Hyuuga had long chocolate colored hair, held back in a loose low ponytail and similar colored eyes as his little cousin.

Naruto, who was now brushing his teeth looked out of the bathroom and into his room an saw that Sasuke and Neji, who was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed in front of his chest, were already with their Konoha High uniform on. "I think you-re right Sasuke, and you know what else? If Naruto doesn-t hurry up we-re going to be late for the umpteenth time." said an annoyed Neji.

After that scenario the three of them went down to the kitchen, were a guy with brown hair in a high ponytail, was cooking breakfast."This is such a drag. Why do I have to cook?" he asked sensing the presence of the others, all the while flipping the pancakes. Shikamaru Nara was this lazy ass- name. He had lazy coal eyes to go with his brunette locks, and always spoke with using the words -troublesome- and -such a drag-. He met Sasuke, Naruto and Neji in preschool, becoming the fourth member of their group.

"Awe c-mon Shikamaru don-t be such a baby!" replied Naruto with his wide, toothy, foxy grin, while walking to the refrigerator to get some orange juice. Shikamaru had a best friend, but he was currently on vacation, after being released from the hospital, his parents had sent him off to London, he too was part of the group.

"Hn. Why doesn-t your lazy ass call the others to help," Sasuke commented, seating himself on the counter, "Hey dobe?"

"Yeah teme?" Naruto asked, looking up from the cup in which he was pouring orange juice after hearing the raven haired guy say his nickname. "Stop smiling like that, you look retarded."

Then a teen with messy brown hair came in followed by another teen with spiky brown hair and shades on. The first one that walked in was Kiba Inuzuka, seventeen years old, and had coal eyes to match his chocolate locks. On either cheek he had two tattoos, two triangles. He met Sasuke and the other three in preschool, after Naruto had pulled a joke on their teacher, he made the sixth member of their little group.

"Good morning." the one with shades on said shortly, sitting down in his usual spot in the table. Shino Aburame, he was Ino-s older cousin, but most of the time they didn-t act like it, making the rest of the group to sometimes forget they were family. He was seventeen, and behind his shades he had the same baby blue eyes as Ino. He was quiet most of the times and spoke when necessary. He and Kiba were best friends, and he was with the Inuzuka boy when they met the others, being the seventh member of the group.

"Kiba shut your trap!" the obnoxious Naruto said, when Kiba began to annoy him about his crush on a certain girl, although never said the girl-s name in fear of what Neji and Sasuke might do to the blond. Naruto liked Hinata, and Neji and Sasuke were over [protective of the girl after an incident that she went through in her last relationship. The male Hyuuga and the two Uchihas treated Hinata like a little sister. She and the three other girls were also part of their little group.

-It seems like I live with little kids. How troublesome- Shikamaru thought while placing breakfast onto their plates. Kiba and Naruto still arguing about the stupidest things. "Why don-t we all shut up an eat." Neji commanded rather than suggested, already eating.

"Whatever." said Kiba with a mouth full of pancakes.

As they finished eating breakfast, they got their backpacks and their individual keys to their motorcycles. The six teens took the elevator down to the lobby, where they nodded their heads as a good morning to the guards. They quickly got on their rides, for every morning they would compete on who would arrive to school first, and the winner always ended up to be Sasuke.

"Hey Naruto," Neji began, while placing his helmet on, "The girl you like, she wouldn-t happen to be my little cousin, right? She does have the same description as her."

"Um, no?"Naruto said in a nervous voice, giving away the fact that he was indeed infatuated with the female Hyuuga, as he got on his black and orange motorcycle and left faster than the speed of light. Neji growled under his helmet, his over protective side rising up.

The other three teens looked at the Hyuuga with a little bit of fear in their eyes, while Sasuke stayed oblivious to the uprising argument, for he had his ipod on, ignoring the stalling teens the young Uchiha drove away, but was surprised as hell when Neji passed him, driving at full speed.

He stopped, and quickly took of his helmet to take his earphones off, placing the ipod in his slack-s pocket and placing his helmet on again. He saw the other three teens pass by, all three driving fast. "Whats going on?" Sasuke asked, catching up to them.

"Neji found out Naruto likes Hinata."stated Shino. Sasuke-s unseen eyes went wide at this, he didn-t like that fact, but he didn-t want his best friend to die at such an early age. He sped up, leaving the other three behind, telling them he had to stop Neji before he did something crazy to Naruto.

Well there goes their crazy start.
Дата публикации: 17.01.2008
Прочитано: 5330 раз

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