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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
Давно не умирали в играх? Попробуйте игры серии Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls, в которых вы будете умирать десятки, сотни раз!

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Naruto FanFictions - Takers of Hearts, Takers of Demons

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Takers of Hearts, Takers of Demons
Author - Mrfipp

Takers of Hearts, Takers of Demons

-1Fipp: I own nothing about any of this stuff! I just want to write it down.

Also, this is my first Naruto fic ever!

Before I start, here are all the fights that will take place, I left out Axel and Roxas so everything would be evened out.

If you noticed, there is eleven people on each side, so, who do you think will win it all!

I will now give my thoughts of the Akatsuki members as they show up.

Orochimaru: The cross between Michael Jackson and Gene Simmons.

Sasori: Favorite member, I think it has to do with the PUPPET JUTSU!

Takers of Hearts, Takers of Demons: Battle One

The city, this is where this team of the Akatsuki, Orochimaru, the legendary snake sannin, and Sasori, the greatest of all puppet masters traveled.

To say they did not get along was an underestimation, they hated each other, and had it not been for the fact they HAD to work together, they would have likely have killed the other by now.

“Which one are we supposed to be looking for again?” Orochimaru asked the Suna missing-nin.

“The six-tails I think.” at the moment, Sasori was using the body that looked like the red-headed boy he once was. But his other puppets were still near if he needed them. “From what my spies tell me that it is only a days travel away. The vessel is not too powerful, so we should be able to defeat it easily.”

They had attracted stares from the people around them, that was to be expected, they did look odd in their matching cloaks and hats.

Watching not to far away. . .

“And why are we doing this number V?” asked the smaller of the hooded people.

“This, ‘Akatsuki’ as they call themselves are powerful,” the larger one said “Superior wishes us to convert them into Nobodies so they may join.”

“How do we do this?” the smaller one asked.

“We attack them, I shall challenge the smaller one, for he has more to him then you can take,”

“Who are you to say who I can and can’t fight?” the larger then turned to the smaller, who then crossed her arms in defeat. “Fine, but I want my fun with the other.”

Both vanished in swirls of darkness.

The Akatsuki. . .

The two members were nearing the checkout point, when suddenly the earth shattered, a giant rock wall burst from the ground separating Orochimaru from Sasori.

Sasori. . .

The puppet master looked up at the wall.

“What is this?” he asked, he then moved in time to avoid a flying rock, he turned to face a large man with a giant tomahawk. “And who are you?” he asked.

“Who I am is not important, but I will tell you I am a member of Organization XIII.”

“Organization XIII?” Sasori asked. “What is it that you want with us?”

“Come with us and you will see.” he heaved the tomahawk over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, but this is not an option.” Sasori jumped up and moved his fingers. The large Nobody raised an eyebrow, when suddenly he heard a noise, he spun around and swiped at a flying puppet that was dived at him.

The puppet was smashed into a hundred pieces, then he only had a moment to dodge the spiked cable that launched at him from Sasori’s chest.

Lexeaus then brought his hammer down on the puppet master, but it was blocked by two large hand-like blades that exploded from his sides.

Both of them jumped back, and now Lexeaus found himself surrounded by a dozen or so puppets of various sizes.

“Attacking a member of the Akatsuki is the greatest, and final, mistake of your life.” he then tore off his cloak, revealing his puppet body, with the heart-in-a-jar over his chest.

“It seems you’ve been able to keep your heart, even after death.”

“It is a talent of mine.” he then lunged at Lexeaus, as did the rest of his puppets. Lexeaus swung the hammer, causing the earth to shoot up, taking a large amount of puppets down.

Sasori flew from above and swooped at the Nobody, but the puppet was smacked with the hammer and crashed down to the earth. Sasori pushed up and forced him into the air.

He was about to fly at him, but the rocks around him came up, creating a trap that covered him up to the waist, pinning him down, he looked up and saw Lexeaus drop form the sky, he slammed the hammer right into the puppet master.

A massive tremor up turned all the rocks.

Orochimaru. . .

“Now what is this?” the snake sannin asked. He heard a crackle of electricity and moved his head when the electric kunai flew past his head. He saw the kunai thrower was a blonde woman.

“Why hello there.” she said as the kunai appeared in her hand.

“And you are you?” Orochimaru asked.

“Just a girl who wants to take you out of this organization,” she laughed.

“I’m sorry, but I already plan on doing that, I just need to tie up some loose ends first.”

“Really, well, looks like I’ll just have to keep care of that myself!” she then threw the kunai at him, but he jumped out of the way.

His neck then stretched out and tried to bit at Larxene, but she back flipped out of the way and fired off more thunder at the snake-man.

The thunder sent Orochimaru to the ground, Larxene then jumped back down and fired off more bolts at him, but he sunk into the ground.

Before the Nobody had time to register where he went he popped from the ground again, she jumped far away from him, but this did not hinder him, he opened his mouth and a snaked shot out, and out of it’s mouth popped a sword, this was able to cut her arm.

She landed back on the ground and clutched her arm. She then raised her arms and lightning shot from the sky in a thunderous storm.

Orochimaru, with much effort, was able to dodge most of the lighting.

“Enough of this!” Orochimaru bit his thumb, drawing blood and slammed into the ground.

In a large puff of smoke, Orochimaru now stood on top of a giant snake. It then dove down and crashed into the ground.

Larxene tried to dodge, but she was soon in the grasp of the giant serpent.

“I hate losing,” she said before vanishing in darkness.

Orochimaru smiled at his victory, he then motioned the snake to look over the other side of the rock wall.

He saw Sasori on the ground with Lexeaus standing over him.

“I may not like him,” he said, Lexeaus looked up at him “but I am not supposed to let him die.”

Lexeaus knew he would not be able to win, so he vanished.

Orochimaru dismissed the snake and jumped to the ground and walked to Sasori who was just getting up.

“Who were those people?” the sannin asked.

“I’m not sure,” Sasori said as he picked himself up. “But I think when we are extracting the six-tailed weasel, we should tell the Leader about these people, this Organization XIII.”

Current Score

Organization XIII: I

Akatsuki: I
Дата публикации: 17.01.2008
Прочитано: 3810 раз

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