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Naruto FanFictions - Pure Pain

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Pure Pain
Author - babyspice939

Pure Pain

Chapter 1

"I hate him! I hate him" Hinata Hyuuga cried as she was running down the streets of Konoha. She had tears running down her face, running to the Hyuuga compound.

-I should have known, how could I have been so stupid, so nieve, to think that he might actually care about me- She thought to herself. She had finally approached the gates to the Hyuuga compound. She stormed through to her room, layed on the bed, and cried.

Her room was her safe haven, her sanctuary. She could cry or scream without being judged by her father, the clan, or anyone else!

"Stupid!, Stupid!, Stupid!," she mumbled into the tear-covered pillow. "Why am I so weak?" she said to a wisper. Her eyes were slightly red from crying, along with her face, and was puffy. Her long black-blue hair stuck to her face. She was devistated at what she saw.

"How could he have done that to me? I told him I loved him, isn-t that enough?"

She could recall the image so well, it was burned into her memory, and she knew it.


Hinata had finally finished her shift at the Konoha hospital. Tsunade had chosen for her to work late that day because of increased injurys in ninjas. She was tired, but she wanted to pay a visit to her boyfriend of 3 months, Naruto.

Hinata slowly approached his building. She went up the stairs to his apartment. Hinata stopped where she stood, looked at the door, eyes wide open. She could hear moans coming from inside.

"Naruto?" the Hyuuga asked quietly while slightly tapping on the door.

The moans got louder, until she heared a scream.


Hinata had heard the scream from inside and looked through the peephole. Only to see her boyfriend, having sex with a pink haired kunoichi. Hinata took steps back and gasped. Her lavender eyes wide and tear-filled, breathing heavily into her hands that covered her mouth.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" She said breathlessly, she then ran off to her home. Only to recollect the events she has seen

Flashback over

Hinata cried and cried, but she knew, no amount of crying will fix her shattered heart.

She thought to herself -This has to be a mistake! He would never! He could never! I hate him so much!-

Slowly, Hinata cried herself to sleep, only hoping that nobody heard her tears and gasps.

Next Day

Hinata could feel her misary building up, she knew if she kept this to herself, she would break down. Hinata needed someone to talk to about this. Lucky for her, Ino was not working at the flower shop today. Ino and her had grown closer seince the previous chuunin exams, seince they both passed, along with everyone else.

Ino had noticed Hinata walking down the street, with more pain in her eyes than she has ever seen. Hinata was always cheerful, and ready to bring everyone up if they were down, she had lost her stuttering even when she started dating Naruto. Naruto actually had a big impact on her life, she was always happy and ready to help anyone who needed it. But Ino knew, this girl walking down the street, was only a former shadow of the Hinata she once knew. But she knew she had to find out why she is down and cheer her up, seince she had done the same to her many times before.

"Hinata! Where are you going?, What-s wrong?" Ino asked.

"Oh, h-h-hello I-Ino" Hinata bearly managed to say, just looking at Ino pained her, looking at anyone pained her right now.

"Hinata, you never stutter anymore, what is wrong?" Ino asked again.

".." Hinata gazed at the ground, avoiding eye contact from the long blonde. - I need to tell someone, and Ino and I are very close, I am in too much pain to keep this to myself -

"Hinata" she asked again, concern in her voice, along with pity.

"Ino, can I-I t-talk to you a-about something?"

"Of coarse Hinata, you can talk to me about anything, i-m your friend," the misty-blue-eyed replied. "Lets sit down somewhere."

Ino and Hinata both took a seat on a stone bench that was on the road near the academy. It was a good place to sit seince no one come on this road, and it was often very quiet and secluded.

"Now, tell me whats wrong" Ino asked

"N-Naruto, h-h-he, c-c-cheated on me, w-with S-SAKURA!" Hinata cried. She put her hands to her face and brought her elbows to her knees so she cried facing the ground.

"Oh my god! Hinata, I am so sorry!, That bastard! Don-t worry about a thing Hinata, I will take care of it personally!" Ino said with anger and fury - I always knew that he was a baka! But to do this to the nicest person in Konoha, she diserves better - Ino thought to herself.

"Ino, t-thank y-you, I-I, just feel so t-t-terrible, I feel like m-my heart has b-been ripped in t-t-two!" Hinata said shakily. Hinata had never been in so much grief, even though her father refers to her as a failure, even though se had a lack of confidence and felt like she dragged her team down, she had never experienced such a pain.

With Naruto, 2 hours after Ino and Hinata conversation.

Naruto was heading to Ichiraku ramen, his favorite ramen stand. - I wonder where everyone is, the streets are all empty. - Naruto thought to himself.

After eating his ramen, he decided to go train. He looked at his Team 7 training ground. With the three wood posts and the memorial stone in the center. He began to kick a tree.

When, out of nowhere, he sensed killing intent. But before he could react, Ino had him in a choke-hold with a kunai to his throat, screaming at him.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU COLD-HEARTED BASTARD!" Ino screamed at the top of her lungs at the spiky headed blonde.

"What the hell! Get off me!" Naruto said in an angry tone. Ino was pushed off of Naruto by her teammate Shikimaru, who had her hands behind her back and Ino was still screaming at Naruto while kicking to get free.

"LET ME GO SHIKIMARU! I-M GOING TO KILL HIM!" Ino kept repeating at Shikimaru.

"What the hell Ino! What are you talking about!" Naruto yelled back.

"YOU CHEATED ON HINATA WITH THAT SLUT!" Ino screamed at him still struggling with Shikimaru.

"Ino, calm down, this is too troublesome." Shikimaru said in a bored tone while still holding the blonde.

"What?" Naruto said - How did she find out!, Is that why I haven-t seen Hinata today?, What if Hinata saw us! -

"HINATA SAW YOU TOGETHER!, DON-T PLAY INNOCENT WITH ME!" Ino yelled with 10 times more anger in her voice as her eyebrows furrowed and her jaw clenched.

"Naruto?, You cheated on Hinata?!" Shikimaru said with shock in his voice.

"She...saw us?" Naruto replied quietly towards Ino with his head down. A look of sadness and pity in his eyes. Pity towards the girl he loved.

"YOU FEEL GUILTY NOW! GOOD! YOU DISERVE IT! Thanks to you, Hinata is depressed and broken. She had never looked so sad, NEVER!" Ino said.

Shikimaru finally released Ino, suppressed his shock and confusion. - Hinata was nice to everyone. To me, Ino, Choji, Kiba, Shino, Sasuke, Sakura, and of course Naruto, what did she do to diserve this? - Shikimaru thought to himself, with his own anger towards Naruto.

"I didn-t mean to hurt her, where is she?" Naruto asked bearly above a wisper, but still audiable to Ino and Shikimaru.

"Hinata is at home, not wanting to talk to you! I-m sure she told Neji, and he wouldn-t let you throught for anything!" Ino said, now that she was calmer than before.

"..." Naruto remained silent, thinking about Ino-s words. - I must have hurt her really badly, but even if she is upset at me, I will still have Sakura,...Wait! What am I thinking! I-m trying to get Hinata back! Not cheat on her again! Oh god, I am a Bastard. - Naruto thought to himself.

At Hyuuga Compound

Neji furrowed his brows, clenched his teeth, and tightened his hand into a fist. - I am going to make him wish he wasn-t born! He will die by my hands! - Neji thought as Hinata told him about what happened.

"Hinata, I knew that guy was an asshole! I should have never let this happen!"

"Neji, there was nothing you could have done, it was my fault, you can-t choose who you love, I just fell in love with the wrong guy, this is my punishment." Hinata said sadly.

Neji knew she was mentally beating herself up about this. She might never be the same after this. Soon, a Hyuuga branch member entered Hinata-s room where Neji and her were conversing.

"Lady Hinata, there is a guest for you," the Hyuuga branch memeber said.

"Who is it?" Hinata asked quietly with a slight hesitation.

"Naruto Uzumaki" He replied nonchalantly.

"Tell him I don-t want to see him." Hinata said with a painfull sadness that even the Hyuuga could distinguish.

"I will tell him that then" he said. Then he closed the door and left towards the gate.

"Hinata, let me talk to him, you didn-t diserve that from him." Neji said bluntly.

"Neji... you don-t have to, I just want him to leave."

"Let me do this Hinata, if for nothing else," Neji replied.

"..." Hinata didn-t reply, she just watched Neji leave to confront her now ex-boyfriend.

Fifteen Minutes Previous

Naruto knew he had to confront Hinata sooner or later. But he wanted to pay Sakura a visit. He soon arrived at the Haruno residence. Sakura-s parents passed away on a mission a while ago. Sakura lives by herself now. Which is usually where he came to "see" her so they wouldn-t get caught. He approached the door to her home, when he noticed it wasen-t locked.

"Sakura?" Naruto entered slowly only to hear muffled sounds coming from her bedroom.(A/N: its getting obvious isn-t it?)

Naruto walked down the hallway, and peered into the door, only to see Sakura, making out with another leaf villager. Sakura could see him clearly, but didn-t stop her actions. Naruto then slowly backed away from the door and walked out of the house, feeling hurt and depressed that the girl he "loved" was in there with another guy.

- I am such a bastard, this is what Hinata must have felt like. I have to set things right with her. How could I have been such a baka? Not to see what Sakura was really like, well maybe I already knew, and just didn-t want to accept it. Either way, Hinata has to know, that I still love her. -

Thats my first chapter done. Review if you want but just because you don-t dosen-t mean i wont stop writing. I-ll read them and take in the advisement, but just because i don-t get any dosen-t mean i will discontinue the story. I hope you enjoyed it.
Дата публикации: 16.01.2008
Прочитано: 3102 раз

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