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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
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Naruto FanFictions - Portrait

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Portrait
Author - yumi-maki


Gaara walked wearily into the house that he shared with his elder brother Kankurou. Even though his work day was considerably shorter than it usually was, he got home at 9 instead of his usual 11; he felt extremely drained and all he wanted was to get something to eat, take a hot shower and collapse into bed. It had taken him a long time to get used to sleeping after going so long without it but now, almost 5 whole years later, he slept just like anyone else.

He heard laughter coming from the living room, high-pitched, melodious laughter - a girl-s laugh. Gaara frowned slightly - he hoped that Kankurou hadn-t brought back one of his girlfriends - after Temari had left, not 4 months prior; Gaara and Kankurou made a set of rules now that they were (basically) on their own. One of these rules was that Kankurou did his -entertaining- out of the house (Gaara wasn-t included because Gaara was way too busy to date. Kankurou somehow always found the time.) Gaara poked his head into the room and then upon realizing who the laugh belonged to, he entered the room to greet them.

Kankurou and his friend Michicko were sitting at a table - her hand was moving rapidly over a paper and Kankurou was peering over her shoulder. "Michicko-san, I should-ve known." Ever since Temari had moved -permanently- to Konoha, Michicko had begun spending more and more time over at their place with Kankurou. Little did they know that Temari had asked Michicko to keep an eye on them now that she was no longer around to keep them, namely Kankurou in line.

Kankurou looked up when Gaara came in, "Hey little bro." Beckoning him closer, Kankurou added, "Come over here a second and see what Michicko-s doing."

Gaara moved closer and looked over Michicko-s shoulder to the paper, on it she was sketching something - with a start he realized it was a picture of him. Michicko paused in her work long enough to look up and greet him, "Good evening Kazekage - sama."

"Hello Michicko - san. Kankurou - nii. Is that a picture of me?-

"Indeed it is,- Michicko answered as she turned back to her paper and resumed her work, "Kankurou and I were just chatting about your inauguration ceremony and I just remembered how regal you looked that day. It-s the one thing that always stuck in my mind. So your brother suggested I sketch it and that-s what I-m doing."

"Oh alright,- Gaara wasn-t sure how to respond to this.

"Gaara you see how mean she is to me? She draws practically everyone, she-s even done you and Temari but she hasn-t drawn me. Not once! Come on Michicko - chan, why don-t you ever draw me?"

Michicko sighed, exasperated and shot an annoyed look at Kankurou, "Kankurou, how many times will I have to explain this to you?"

"What explanation? All you ever say is -I have my reasons-. What kind of answer is that?!" Kankurou shot back, beginning to get annoyed himself.

Despite his fatigue, Gaara couldn-t help but stick around to see how this ended. He had often seen his brother and Michicko interact but he couldn-t once remember them arguing - not seriously, at least.

"Well I do,- she said simply. Kankurou looked as though he wanted to retort, then he seemed to change his mind and a sly, michievous smile crept up his face.

"Michicko,- he said in a totally different (read: flirtatious) tone, -if you draw me, I-ll go out with you." He finished this off by wiggling his eyebrows -suggestively- at Michicko.

She didn-t even look in his direction before tonelessly retorting, "Get over yourself Kankurou."

Kankurou slumped down in his chair dejectedly - he couldn-t believe that she-d turned him down AGAIN. This was one of their rituals that Gaara had quickly gotten used to - every time they saw each other, Kankurou asked Michicko out and every time, she shot him down. He couldn-t for the life of him figure out why. It was something that Gaara found extremely perplexing actually. He couldn-t understand why his brother continued to pursue Michicko when she obviously wasn-t interested and he couldn-t understand why Michicko always turned his brother down. Kankurou was a good guy at heart and Michicko, as one of his closest friends, knew that quite well.Gaara sighed and rubbed his temples - thinking about them was giving him a head-ache.

"Kankurou, be a dear and get me something to drink please," Michicko asked in a sweet voice. Normally he would give her some snappy retort like -You-ve been here before. You know where the fridge is - get it yourself- but as he was momentarily bummed about his millionth rejection by Michicko, he just got up and went to the kitchen.

Gaara saw this as an opportunity to get some answers, "Michicko - san, may I ask you something?" "

"Sure. Ask away."

"Why do you always turn down Kankurou - nii-san?"

Michicko paused in her drawing and then looked up at Gaara. "You really wanna know?"

Gaara nodded and with a furtive glance in the direction of the kitchen where loud, deliberate banging sounds were now emanating from, Michicko turned back to Gaara. "Your brother is...a great guy, a real charmer too- she added with a laugh, -But he isn-t serious."

Gaara frowned in puzzlement. "I know Kankurou jokes around a lot,- he started.

"That-s not what I mean. I mean Kankurou just wants to have fun, especially since Temari-s wedding. He...doesn-t want a serious relationship right now. And I won-t say yes until he does." With that she turned away and resumed drawing.

"So...if Kankurou was serious, you-d go out with him?" She nodded and then beckoned him closer. He leaned in and she said in hushed tones, "Let me put it this way - I have sketch-pads FULL of Kankurou pictures at home." She winked at him and then added as the noises from the kitchen ceased and Kankurou-s approaching footsteps could be heard, "This conversation never happened. Do NOT tell your brother what I said-, and then remembering who she was talking to, she quickly added, -please."

Gaara nodded and straightened up as Kankurou returned with a plate and a glass of water for Michicko. He plunked the glass down so hard that some of the water spilt onto Michicko-s drawing. "Kankurou!" Gaara exited the room with the intention of getting some paper towels for Michicko.

"Come on Kankurou! Stop sulking will you?" When he didn-t respond, she sighed and put down her pencil for the first time. Then she slipped her arms around him and leaned her head on his chest and looked up at Kankurou who kept his gaze firmly planted on the wall. "Aww Kankuwou-chan. Please don-t be mad at me. If you stop sulking I might actually draw you one of these days."

"Yeah right! You-re just saying that."

"Maybe. Maybe not." He finally turned to look at her and as their eyes met, they both burst out laughing.

"Sorry about your picture," Kankurou said to her.

"It-s cool,- Michicko replied., -You haven-t TOTALLY ruined it." Gaara returned then with the paper towels and Michicko and Kankurou set about drying the picture. Gaara decided that this was the best time to retire to his room and he left after bidding Michicko and his brother good night. But as he left the room, he caught a glimpse of Michicko pinching Kankurou-s cheek and her final words came back to him, "I have sketch-pads FULL of Kankurou pictures at home." and then he understood. She did want to go out with Kankurou, she was just waiting for the day that his invitation was sincere. For both of their sakes, Gaara hoped that Kankurou would soon grow up a little so that that day would come sooner. Michicko was a good person and she would definitely be good for his brother. After all, she already knew how to keep him in line. -Guess Kankurou isn-t really the relationship expert he professes to be,- Gaara thought wryly.

With that final thought, Gaara entered his room and made his way to his bathroom, shedding clothes as he went in preparation for a nice, long, hot shower to relieve his head-ache - all this relationship stuff certainly was confusing.
Дата публикации: 16.01.2008
Прочитано: 3744 раз

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