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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
Давно не умирали в играх? Попробуйте игры серии Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls, в которых вы будете умирать десятки, сотни раз!

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Naruto FanFictions - Operation Xmas

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Operation Xmas
Author - Anbu Warrior

Operation Xmas

A blonde teenager ran down the snow covered streets. His orange and black snowsuit stood out against the white background. He stopped at a large apartment complex and pressed the telecom button with a gloved hand, “Inara, its Naruto, let me in!”

There was no response as the blonde’s breath sent small clouds of steam into the air. He blew in his hands and stomped his feet to get the feeling back in them, “Come on Inara, it’s freezing out here!” he yelled again.

Inara’s Room…

A white and black puff of hair was barely visible underneath the mass of tangled blankets. The kunoichi stretched and rolled over. She landed on the cold floor with a dull thump, all the blankets followed and landed on her head.

Inara whipped them off and stood up. Her undershirt and shorts were not appropriate for this kind a morning. Shivering she walked over to the thermostat, it read fifty-six. The Ayanomi rubbed her arms and turned the temperature up until it was in the mid-eighties. She would have to make a complaint to the landlord later about the facilities lack of insulation.

Picking the blankets back up and wrapping them around herself, Inara lay back down and what about to doze off when Naruto’s voice crackled over the intercom again, “INARA!” he hollered, making the white and ebony haired girl sit up and accidentally pulling the shade to her room up.

Bright sunlight flooded into the room, stinging Inara’s eyes; quickly she dove under her pillow for protection.

“Come on Inara! Get up already, it’s snowing!”

The kunoichi glared at the clock from under her pillow. The minute hand clicked into the twelve slot. It was now eight o’clock.

Baka you are so dead when I wake up, she thought as she snuggled even further down into her covers. She lay there peacefully when her eyes snapped open suddenly, “Did he say snow?” Forgetting about the cold, Inara opened her window and stuck her head out.

Sure enough, thick white snowflakes fell from the sky and onto her windowsill making a small pile. She looked across town; everything was blanketed by a thick layer of white.

Naruto leaned up against the door to the apartment building and sighed. A loud shout from one of the windows made him jump. The blond shook his head; somehow he had known the nights surprise would make his teammate ecstatic.

Inara slammed the window shut and stumbled around her apartment pulling on gloves, her headband, long pants and a black long sleeved shirt. She snatched her boots and a white scarf as she headed out the door. Hopping on one foot down a flight of stairs proved to be difficult but soon she had both boots on her feet and tightened the scarf around her neck. She hit the door that Naruto was leaning on and sent him flying into a snow bank, “Oops, sorry Naruto,” she helped the blonde to his feet as he dusted himself off.

“Good morning to you too Inara.”

“Did you wake Sasuke yet?”

“No, you know how he hates the cold. You’ll be lucky if you can even get him out of bed this early.” The blonde formed a snowball in his hands and threw it at a stray cat. The animal hissed and darted behind a trashcan.

Inara formed some hand signs, “Kuchiyose no Jutsu!” (Summoning Jutsu) Tenahei and a bay appeared pawing at the snow. The kunoichi climbed up onto the buckskin’s back, “Well then we’re just gonna have to go wake him up.” She smiled.

Naruto grinned as he mounted the bay, “Do I smell a prank cooking? I really am rubbing off on you.” He laughed.

Sasuke’s room was pitch black. The Uchiha snored quietly on his bed when a tapping noise on his window woke him, “What the hell?” he stretched and made his way over to the window and opened it. The frosty morning air was cold against his bare chest; he looked around and saw no one. Sasuke was about to close the window when a snowball hit him in the face. He jumped back and wiped the melting solid away from his eyes. He gasped when a hailstorm of the white orbs pelted him, he ducked and the projectiles stopped flying.

He looked around his room for anything he could use as a shield incase his attackers came back. His eyes fell on a chair, crawling so he wouldn’t expose himself he grabbed the chair and held it out in front of him to block the flying snowballs that had started to come through the window yet again.

Water from the previous snowballs made him slip and fall back, dropping the chair. He poked his head up above the window which resulted in another snowball to the face. Sasuke shook his head and growled. Being careful not to let his head get above the window, he reached up and slammed it shut.

The Uchiha stood up wringing the water out of his pajama bottoms. He looked out the window and saw Naruto and Inara rolling on the snow bank laughing hysterically.

“Why those little-” he smirked, “Think they can outsmart me do they? I’ll show them.”

Sasuke snuck around the house quietly, gathering everything he needed to venture outside.

Inara clutched her stomach laughing, “That was too perfect! Great idea Naruto,”

“Thank you, thank you,” the blonde bowed a few times to an invisible audience.

“You’re welcome Naruto,” said a familiar voice.

The Uzumaki and Ayanomi spun around to see Kakashi leaning up against a tree reading his book.

“Oh it’s you Sensei; we thought you were someone else.” Naruto sighed.

“Of course it’s me, who else would I be? And what are you two doing on the Uchiha estate? You do know it’s off limits to civilians don’t you?”

“Uh,” Inara rubbed the back of her head nervously, “We were just um…you know…here to-”


A streak of black slammed Inara into to the ground. She and Sasuke wrestled in to snow, throwing it in each other’s faces and shoving it down shirts. After a few minutes the teammates collapsed in the snow panting for breath.

“You jerk!” Inara pressed a fistful of snow to the Uchiha’s forehead, “What was that for?”

Sasuke shoved her hand away and threw a handful of the white snow in her direction, “Payback for earlier.” He pushed himself to his feet and helped Inara up.

“Hey Sasuke,” Naruto asked, “It’s a week before Christmas, how come you don’t have any decorations up?” The blonde pressed his face to a black window to see inside the mansion, “You don’t even have a tree!”

“It’s none of your business!” the raven haired Shinobi hissed suddenly irritated.

“But, don’t you want your house to look nice for the holidays?”

“I said it’s none of your business now get away from there!” Sasuke gave the blonde’s shoulder a shove.

“Sasuke, watch your temper please,” said Kakashi not taking his eyes off the book, “Naruto was just curious as usual, no need to get hostile.”

“Sorry sensei,” the Uchiha mumbled.

Inara wrapped her arms around Sasuke’s and leaned her head against his shoulder, “Why don’t you want to celebrate Christmas? It’s a beautiful time of year when friends and family get together and celebrate. Nobody fights and everyone is happy, not to mention the presents.” She looked up, Sasuke’s face was sullen.

“Christmas was just…never the same after…well you know.”

Kakashi, Naruto and Inara nodded. Twelve years ago Sasuke’s older brother had killed the entire clan, sparing no on but his little brother, but not before Sasuke had run away frightened.

“I just didn’t see the point of digging out old, painful memories every year so I let them collect dust in the basement. I haven’t seen a Christmas tree in thirteen years,” said Sasuke, “It wasn’t always like that though. Mom always baked more cookies than Dad, Itachi and I could ever eat. The house was like one you see on a Christmas card, lights covered every inch of the roof. Every year Dad would slip and fall of the roof and into a snow bank. He would laugh as Mom scolded him for giving her grey hairs. The tree was always huge; sometimes it was even tall enough to touch the ceiling. We had to go upstairs to put the star on top.” He smiled, “That was always my and Itachi’s job. He would set me on his shoulders and I would put the star on. Then he would usually yell at me for putting it on crooked or something, but then he would smile and say ‘I’m sorry Sasuke’.”

Naruto sat on the ground, arms around his knees, “Wow, that sounds like fun. I wish I had a family I could have spent Christmas with. What about you Inara? What was Christmas like for you?”

“Ah, you don’t wanna hear that,” the kunoichi waved him off.

“Actually we do,” Kakashi had put his book away and leaned against the tree listening intently.

“Okay fine, we had a tree, decorations and all that stuff but it wasn’t what I could call ‘happy’. Mom and my grandfather always fought around this time of year about when I would start acting like the heiress I was. Every year was the same, they would fight, my mother would cry and we’d go away for awhile and spend Christmas away from the main house.”

Naruto’s face fell, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know-”

“Forget about it,” Inara assured him, “I already have. But it doesn’t stop me from celebrating Christmas they way my Mom and I did,” she smiled.

“Hm…this gives me an idea,” said the Jonin.

Team seven stared at their teacher.

“Kakashi sensei with an idea?” asked Naruto.

“Someone get a calendar!” Inara shouted.

“Ha, ha very funny you two,” Kakashi turned to the Uchiha, “We’re going to need your permission though Sasuke.”

The Uchiha raised a black eyebrow, “Uh…okay?”

“Excellent! Naruto and I will take care of the lights and decorations. Inara, you and Sasuke can get the tree and bake the cookies. Okay you all have your assignments, LET’S GO!”

“Whoa, whoa! What the hell are you talking about?” Sasuke grabbed the back of Kakashi’s vest to keep him from running off, “And why the hell do Inara and I have to bake the cookies?”

The Jonin gave his signature upside-down U smile, “Because this way, with all the fire Jutsus you know, we won’t need an oven! We’re going to make sure that you have a very merry Christmas this year Sasuke.” He tugged his vest free from his students grasp, “Let Operation X-mas begin!”

Two Hours Later…

Inara dug through the cupboards looking for all the ingredients needed to bake the Christmas treats.

“Sasuke, where’s the vanilla?”

“Hm?” The Uchiha set a box marked “Lights” down on the floor and opened a door above the kunoichi’s head. He moved some jars to the side until he reached the back of the cupboard, “Here you go.” He handed Inara a small dark brown bottle.

“Thanks!” she smiled and set the bottle down next to an array of other ingredients.

In the living room Sasuke heard something hit the floor; he hoped it wasn’t breakable, “Hey guys! Can we not destroy the house please?”

“Sorry!” shouted Naruto, “It was Kakashi’s fault!”

Inara snorted and measured a cup of flour into a large bowl.

“So, what are we making?” The Uchiha asked tucking his hands in his pockets.

“Russian teacakes, they’re my favorites.” The kunoichi smiled and cracked some eggs into the flour.

Sasuke wrinkled his nose, “They’re not sweet are they?” the black haired teen had never really like sweets. He didn’t know when the habit had started but it was one that he wasn’t about to give up.

Inara stopped stirring the concoction, “Oh no! I forgot I’m sorry! We’ll make something else that you can eat.”

She was about to dump the batter into the trash when a hand caught the bowl.

“You shouldn’t waste food Inara. We can still make them if you want…they are your favorites after all.”

The Ayanomi looked confused, “Are you sure?”

Sasuke nodded, “Positive, we don’t want a repeat of my thirteenth birthday party,” he laughed making the kunoichi blush.

Inara had baked a cake for Sasuke’s party but had left out the sugar because she knew that he hated sweets. The result was a nice looking cake and that was about all that was nice about it. It was then when she learned of artificial sweeteners.

The batch was finished and put in the oven to bake giving the teammate’s time to help Naruto and Kakashi tackle a large string of lights the refused to come untangled.

The Uchiha and Uzumaki headed to the basement to fetch the rest of the decorations.

Sasuke flicked on the light, casting shadows in the far corners of the room.

“Whoa!” Naruto gasped.

Spider webs clung to the rafters, their occupants long gone. A mouse scurried across the floor and disappeared into a hole in the wall leaving behind a trail of footprints in the thick layer of dust.

“It’s an asthmatic’s worst nightmare down here,” he covered his mouth and nose with a hand to avoid inhaling any of the grime.

Sasuke was shoving boxes aside in a corner, stirring up more dust, “Like I said, I don’t come down here much. Now make yourself useful and help me with this.” He lifted a large box over his head and set it down on the other side of the mess.

Naruto jumped over the boxes and picked up another box of the same size and carried it upstairs to where Kakashi and Inara were unpacking them. Sasuke followed behind him. He gave on last sweeping glance of the area before continuing up the stairs and turning the lights off.

With Kakashi and Inara…

The Jonin unwrapped a glass sphere and set in on the window sill so it captured the sun’s rays, casting rainbows around the room.

Inara struggled with a garland that refused to wrap around the banister.

Kakashi laughed when she toppled over, the green wreath tangled around her feet.

“Here let me help,” he wrapped one end of the garland around the banister a few times and held it in place as Inara draped it over the railing.

Naruto and Sasuke entered the room and rid themselves of their cargo.

Inara coughed as dust floated into the air. She opened one and took out a crystal figurine of the Uchiha clan symbol.

Sasuke eyed her nervously, “Careful with that,” he warned, “It’s somewhat of an heirloom.”

The Ayanomi rotated it on its golden string, looking at it closely, “Its pretty.” she said before hanging it in the window.

Naruto opened another box and dug around inside, “Hey Sasuke, when those cookies are done you and Inara are going to have to get the tree. These all look like ornaments.”

The Uchiha peered over the blondes shoulder, “Yep, we collected a lot of them through the years. Mom had this weird tradition of buying a new ornament for each of us every year. I remember we once had to get two trees just to put them all up.”

Kakashi stopped what he was doing and inhaled a few times, “Is something burning?”

Inara and Sasuke looked at each other before bolting to the kitchen.

Naruto clutched his stomach laughing hysterically; Kakashi just smiled and shook his head.

The kunoichi turned off the oven and pulled the hot trays out. She sighed when she saw that the cookies were mostly unharmed, “That was close.” She gasped.

Sasuke grabbed a bag of powdered sugar, “They’re not done yet.” He smiled.

It took the pair a half hour to roll all the sweets in the sugar, coating them evenly with the dust.

The Uchiha picked up a handful of the white stuff and tossed it into the air just to watch it float back onto the counter. Some landed in Inara’s hair, a look of mock anger flickered across her face. She glared playfully and tossed a handful of flour in Sasuke’s direction, hitting him square in the face.

He shook his head and sneezed making her laugh.

“You think that’s funny? Then try this!” he threw a fistful of sugar at her.

Inara’s mouth fell open in surprise, the war had started.

Both Konoha Nin laughed as they hurled the left over ingredients at each other. Eggs smashed against cupboards, powdered sugar and flour left a fine layer on everything in the kitchen.

Inara backed up and felt the sink hit the small of her back. A devilish smirk spread across her face when her hand brushed against the sprayer.

Sasuke skidded to a halt, “Inara…don’t-” he words were cut off as a shower of cold water splashed him in the face.

“What on earth is going on in he-” an egg broke on the Jonin’s face, he glared as the yoke dripped on to the floor.

Naruto fought the urge to laugh when a handful of flour paled his face.

Inara stopped the water and hid the sprayer behind her back like a child that had been caught being naughty, “Nothing sensei.” She smiled.

Kakashi wiped the egg white off his face and flicked it off his hand, “Nothing huh? Then why do you two look like dough monsters?”

“The oven exploded?” said Sasuke rubbing the back of his head nervously.

The white haired Nin shook his head, “Clean up this mess and go get that tree. Naruto and I will finish up here.”

“Yes sensei,” the couple said in unison.

Two Hours Later…

Two horses galloped down the busy Konoha streets. People were everywhere, singing carols, doing last minute Christmas shopping and visiting friends.

Sasuke led Inara to the outskirts of town were he knew an old pine forest resided.

The buildings became less and less frequent until there was nothing but rolling hills and trees.

Inara signaled for Tenahei to stop, she leapt off and followed the Uchiha in to the tree line.

“This is where we always got our tree. It hasn’t changed a bit.” He said taking a look around, “If I remember correctly the best ones should be back here a ways.”

They rounded a corner on a small deer trail. Inara froze in her tracks. Directly in front of her was the biggest pine tree she had ever seen.

Twelve feet high and four feet round, the monster seemed to gaze down at them.

Sasuke drew Garyuu from its sheath and began hacking away at the trunk.

The Ayanomi drew her own sword and moved in beside him to help.

It took fifteen minutes to fell the giant, but it was done and tied with nin wire to make transportation easier.

Half an hour later they stopped their horses and started to drag it though the front door of the Uchiha mansion.

Naruto’s eyes were as large as dinner plates when he saw the tree being pulled in, “Holy crap! Get a big enough one?”

“I told you we always got the tallest, now quit standing there and help,” Sasuke teased.

Pine needles littered the floor as the tree was placed in the middle of the main room. Its top brushed against the ceiling.

Kakashi backed away to inspect the handiwork, “I didn’t think it was going to fit, but it seems I was wrong.”

Sasuke jumped down from the banister, rubbing his hands together to get rid of the sap, “Just barely, it looked smaller outside.”

Naruto shoved the box of tree decoration into view, “I don’t think you’re going to need two trees this year Sasuke.”

Team seven laughed and began to unwrap the ornaments and place them on the pine.

“Sensei would you do the honors?” Sasuke asked handing the Jonin two cords.

“It would be my pleasure,” There was and electrical snap and the entire room was bathed in a warm glow.

The sun was just beginning to set allowing the red, green, blue and yellow bulbs to sparkle in full brilliance.

“Wow,” Inara gasped, “It’s beautiful.”

Kakashi nodded, Naruto’s eyes sparkled in amazement.

“Thanks for all your help you guys. This is the best Christmas I’ve had in a long time.”

“Ah it was nothing Sasuke, you’re our friend and everyone deserves a happy holiday,” said Naruto clapping his teammate on the back.

“It’s too bad you don’t want to have a party Sasuke. It seems like a shame not to share such a beautiful sight with everyone,” replied Kakashi taking a seat on the couch.

Naruto gasped suddenly making everyone in the room jump, “Oh man! I’m such an idiot! Inara the reason I came over this morning was to tell you that Hinata’s invited us to her party tonight!”

“WHAT!” shouted Inara and Sasuke, “Why didn’t you say something?!”

“I forgot!” the blonde shouted back.

“Okay, okay take it easy you three,” said the white haired Jonin pushing the teammates apart, “We still have time to get there. We’ll just have to be…fashionably late. Now I suggest we all don’t just stand here and go get ready. We wouldn’t want to keep the Hyuga’s waiting any longer than we have to.”

His words fell on deaf ears as two of his students made a mad dash for the door, the third down the hall.

He shook his head, “Young people, always in a rush.”

With Naruto…

The blonde threw open the doors to his closet and looked inside frantically. Orange and black jumpsuits hung neatly on hangers waiting to be worn.

Naruto shoved them aside looking for something more…formal.

A large brown box resting in the corner caught his eye; he pulled it out and opened it up.

A black shirt with a blaze orange tux lay inside. He held them up for size, they would be a little big, but it was better than his everyday clothes.

With Inara…

The kunoichi stared at the trunk at the end of her bed and gulped. With shaking hands she opened the lid and drew out a long black dress. Small crystals were sewn into the material near the bottom making it shimmer like the night sky.

She tugged it over her head and closed the zipper.

The small train brushed on the floor, the straps hugging her shoulders before disappearing behind her neck.

Inara looked in the mirror; the dress clung to her frame, making her realize how skinny she actually was.

Something’s missing, what do you think Kasaki?

Kasaki was the black dragon demon the resided inside the Ayanomi since she was a small child. Unlike the Kyuubi inside Naruto, Kasaki was Inara’s friend and close companion.

The dragon looked at his container through her eyes, “Hmm…it’s difficult to say hatchling. A collar would look nice and it would give that Uchiha something else to look at besides your-”

Kasaki! Shall we not? She scolded the demon before returning to the trunk.

A small box was brought out; Inara lifted the lid and placed its contents around her neck.

“Perfect little one, now you’re ready.”

Kasaki…thanks but, why don’t you take the night off?

The dragon was silent but Inara could feel him curling up for sleep in the deep confines of her mind.

With Sasuke…

The Uchiha stared at an arrangement of formal clothing with distaste. All were the same color…white and blue. He moved them aside and walked even deeper into the closet. Inside, old clothing was covered in bags to keep the dust off them.

Sasuke searched through these for something that might catch his interest. He reached the end of the line and stopped.

A black shirt with silver embroidery down the sides hung in front of his face. It had belonged to his father and he had only worn it for Christmas.

Sasuke brought it out of the closet and withdrew it from the protective wrapping. His dark blue shirt was shed and the black one was put on and buttoned up. The Uchiha fastened the silver cufflinks and inspected the material.

He stared at himself in a full length mirror. He blinked a few times to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him because he could of sworn his father was looking back at him.

Sasuke sighed after getting a grip on reality. He slid his headband off and tossed it on his bed so his bangs could fall into his eyes.

With Kakashi at the Hyuga Mansion…

The Jonin rang to doorbell, a few seconds passed before Neji opened the door for him.

“Hello Kakashi, please come in,” said the Hyuga. He wore a khaki shirt with black dress pants.

Kakashi smiled to himself, it was difficult to see Neji in a kimono anyway.

The mansion was elaborately decorated. Silver and gold streamers wrapped around the banisters. Dark green wreathes hung on every door with white lights that twinkled lazily.

The Jonin removed his sandals and stepped past the foyer.

The main room was by far the most brilliant, an enormous tree graced the room with golden light from the candles that rested in its branches. Small glass ornaments caught the light and reflected it, making small rainbows appear on the walls. Poinsettias rested in every nook and cranny spreading their warm red color.

A large banquet table lay off to the right, a punchbowl of ice kept the red liquid cool. Food of every color and taste was spread along the table’s length. Already Kakashi could spot a few guests snacking on them.


The Jonin recognized the voice and ducked at a fist whooshed past his head.

Might Guy smiled, “I didn’t think you would show Kakashi.”

“Why wouldn’t I come? In fact I’m surprised that you’re here.”

Guy gave him a thumbs up, “Of course I would be here! Neji is one of my students after all.”

“Kakashi sensei!” squeal a high pitched voice, it was Sakura. Ino followed closely on her heels.

“Hello Sakura, Ino,” he nodded at the two genin.

The Haruno wore a bright red dress that stopped at her ankles; a silver sash was wrapped around her waist.

Ino sported a deep violet dress with a slit that went up to her knee, threads of satin allowed the sides of the garment to remain open.

“Is Sasuke here?” asked the blonde girl.

Kakashi shook his head, “Sorry Ino, I don’t know when he’ll be here, but Naruto and Inara should be with him.”

The kunoichis faces fell at the mention of the Ayanomi. They knew that she had Sasuke had been going out for a few years, but that didn’t stop them from trying to change his interest.

There was a knock on the door. Sakura and Ino fought to see who would open it first.

“Welcome Sasuk-” said both girls at the same time.

Naruto gave them an odd look, “Sorry guys, Sasuke went to pick up Inara.” He walked past the disappointed women and removed his shoes and jacket.

The Uzumaki heard a snort of laughter; he turned and saw Kiba Inuzuka trying his best not to burst out laughing. Naruto glared at him, “What so funny Kiba?”

The brown haired teen gasped, “I’m sorry, but your suit…I should have known you wouldn’t give up that garish color.”

Naruto smirked, “I wouldn’t be talking if I were you Inuzuka.”

Kiba was wearing a white shirt with a light brown leather jacket. The outfit was very similar to his everyday clothes.

The brown haired teen stopped laughing.

“So where’s Akumaru?” asked the blonde.

“At home, he wasn’t feeling too good so Mom’s taking care of him for me. I wanted to stay but she forced me to come and have a good time.”

Naruto and Kiba walked into the main room. The Uzumaki recognized many of his friends there.
Shino was talking casually with Lee who was looking at Sakura. Asuma and Kurenai were over by the punch bowl. Hinata chatted nervously with TenTen and Temari. Gaara, Kankuro, Shikamaru, Choji, and Neji all found spots to lean against a wall and watch the activity (except for Choji who was eating a bag of chips).

“Wow it looks like everyone’s here!” said Naruto excitedly.

Kiba nodded before moving to stand near Ino who shot him a shy look.

The Uzumaki crossed the room in a few strides to wrap his arms around Hinata, who immediately turned a bright shade of red.

“N-Naruto! I glad you could make it.” The Hyuga stammered as she pushed her fingers together.

The blonde smiled, “Hinata, we’ve been seeing each other for five years. You don’t have to act so nervous.”

The dark haired girl blushed again, “I-I’m sorry it’s just-”

Warm lips pressed against her mouth. White eyes blinked in surprise at the sudden display of affection.

Naruto rested his forehead against Hinata’s who was still paralyzed from the surprise, “You look beautiful.” He smiled.

The Hyuga’s thoughts suddenly caught up with her, “Th-thank you.” She folded her hands over the pale blue kimono and bowed deeply. A dark purple sash tied in the back in a large bow. Dark blue flowers trailed their way round the bottom of the garment.

Naruto took Hinata’s hand in his own and walked with her to greet the rest of the guests.

Half an Hour Later…

Sasuke knocked on the door three times, Inara stood just behind him on the stone path.

Hisashi Hyuga opened the door for them, “Mr. Uchiha and Ms. Ayanomi, please come in.”

The Konoha genin entered quickly so Hisashi could close the door behind them to keep out the cold, “Hinata and Neji are in the main room hosting everyone else. Please make yourselves comfortable.” He strode silently down the hall back to his room. He had promised Hinata earlier in the evening that he wouldn’t interfere with the party unless things got out of hand.

“Shall we?” Sasuke asked offering Inara his arm.

The kunoichi smiled and was led to the main room where everyone was gathered.

Ino spotted them first. It was a race between her and Sakura to see who would greet the Uchiha first.

“Merry Christmas Sasuke!” squealed the Haruno taking hold of his free arm.

The raven haired Shinobi’s expression turned from happy to annoyed in less than a second.

“Merry Christmas to you too Sakura,” Inara spat through clenched teeth.

“Sasuke! I didn’t think you would come.” Ino chimed in; Sakura jumped away clutching the injured foot that the Yamanaka had just stomped on.

The Uchiha slipped his arm out of the blonde’s grasp and went to find someone to talk to.

“Hello to you too Ino,” Inara hissed.

The Yamanaka put her hands on her hips, “Well, well, well, look with the wind blew in.”

“Look what the cat coughed up.” Inara retorted, “How many times to I have to tell you two? Do yourselves a favor and stay away from me and Sasuke. He’s clearly not interested.”

Sakura joined Ino, “Well just see about that Ayanomi. It’s been five years, who’s to say he hasn’t grown tired of looking at your damaged face when he can find one’s that are better?”

The two girls stalked away leaving Inara feeling hollow. She traced to scar that ran through her left eye. Sasuke had accidentally given it to her during the Chunin exams when she had lost control and transformed. He said that looks didn’t matter to him and it was personality that mattered the most. But the sinking feeling couldn’t be shaken as the kunoichi half heartedly tried to mingle with her friends.

An extravagant dinner was served, but Inara only picked at the food, Sasuke noticed this.

“Are you feeling alright?” he asked taking a sip of the wine that was served.

The kunoichi pushed her plate away, “Yeah, I’m just not very hungry that’s all.”

Ino and Sakura smiled to themselves.

“If you’re feeling ill we can go,” Sasuke insisted.

Inara shook her head, “No, I’ll be okay.”

The meal was finished and the Ayanomi left to refresh herself.

Sasuke motioned at Sakura and Ino to follow him, the kunoichis were only too glad to follow.

He led them to the farthest room from the main hall. He opened the door and nodded for them to go into the bedroom.

Ino and Sakura were immediately flustered and began to primp themselves, fixing hair, and dressed.

Sasuke locked the door and stood arms crossed and glaring at them, “What did you two say to Inara?” he asked in a heated tone.

“Whatever do you mean Sasuke?” said Ino placing her hands on his chest.

The Uchiha pushed her away, “I know you two did something. She’s not acting normally and you guys were the last ones she talked to before dinner. So I’ll ask you again, what did you say to her?”

Sakura started playing with the silver ribbon around her waist, “We simply told her that you could have any girl you wanted so why would you want one that was damaged.”

Sasuke ground his teeth together, “That was a low blow, even for you two. But who gives you the right to tell Inara something that you both know isn’t true!” he turned and unlocked the door.

“Sasuke wait!” Ino jumped forward and wrapped her arms around his torso, “We’re sorry, please don’t go.” She pleaded.

The Uchiha wrenched himself out of her grasp, “Don’t apologize to me, I’m not the one you hurt.”

“If we tell Inara we’re sorry then will you forgive us?” asked Sakura.

Sasuke glared at both girls, “You two disgust me.” He walked quickly down the hall. If Inara had returned and found him gone, she would undoubtedly think he went home.

The Ayanomi was sitting on the couch laughing with Temari.

Sasuke could tell it was a forced happiness.

Shikamaru abandoned his spot on the wall to ask the blonde girl for a dance. Temari smiled and took his hand.

Sasuke sat down in Temari’s spot, “I talked with Ino and Sakura. They say they’re sorry but it doesn’t change what they did.”

Inara looked at him with sad eyes but quickly turned away so he wouldn’t see the scar.

He reached out quickly and gently turned her face so she had to look at him. He smiled and traced the mark with the tip of his thumb, “May I have this dance?” he whispered.

The kunoichi smiled weakly and nodded.

They cross the dance floor passing Shikamaru, Temari, Neji, TenTen, Kiba, Ino, Naruto, Hinata, Asuma and Kurenai.

Sasuke wrapped her arms around his neck and placed his hands around her waist.

Song after song played and couples left the floor too tired to continue until only two remained.

Inara rested her head against Sasuke’s chest and closed her eyes as they swayed back and forth. Her troubles were forgotten and she was at peace.

The Uchiha pulled her closer to him and lifted her chin.

The clock struck midnight when their lips bushed against each other tenderly.

Inara ran her fingers though the raven black hair as Sasuke rested his hand at the nape of her neck.

Naruto rolled his eyes and smiled, pulling Hinata closer to him as well.

Save for a few speed bumps along the way, this had been the best Christmas that team seven could remember.
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