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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
Давно не умирали в играх? Попробуйте игры серии Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls, в которых вы будете умирать десятки, сотни раз!

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Naruto FanFictions - NaruHina story
Naruto FanFictions

Name - NaruHina story

NaruHina story

Setting is team 7 in Forrest, the story changes preserve of Naruto and Hinata every once in a while. Sasake lost to Naruto and they got rid of the seal, I know that leads everything else in different ways but I didn-t like it that much.

BOLD Nine tails talking

italics thought

By the way I-m sorry for the terrible spelling in this but don-t blame me, blame my writing disability (which spelling and grammar is part of) and also a beta reader would be nice, or just tell me the mistakes i have made. This is my first story so GIVE ME A BREAK.

Anyway on with the story!

"My hands were sweating, it is amazing that I could grip my sword as it was. If I held it any tighter the sword would fly out my hands. My situation was grim, the battlefield was bloody, bodies everywhere. As I looked around I couldn-t tell that this use to be a Forrest. I looked left and right seeing what was left of my comrades, hardly any of them left. We were the last stand of our village, any forces left of our village that wasn-t here was defending the last of the civilians. We only have about a handful ninjas left, same for our enemy. Most of our medical ninja was at the village healing the civilians. We only had one out here that is still alive. He was beyond busy, there was at least 50 wounded. But that was not the least of my problem. In an instant 50 ninjas came from no where..."

"Why are we reading this Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto interrupted.

Kakashi rolled his free eye, when answered," Because history is a boundless source of ideas for jutsu. Plus its nice to know what you are defending history so you know what you fighting for and to protect." After answering Kakashi could already tell Naruto was thinking, either he-s going to run for it, or want more so he can try to create another jutsu...

"This is getting boring...I-m out of here" Naruto says. He gets up and is about to dart away and says, "Hey Sakura-chan wanta to go anywhere but here...like on a date or something" Naruto blushes as he finishes what he said.

"No, Baka. Hey Sasuke -kun,(She blushes) do you want to go on, well you know...(she trails off)" said Sakura.

"Whatever" Sasuke says coldly. He gets up and starts to walk up to Naruto.

Naruto and Sasuke dart out into the Forrest in the direction of the village. Sakura is obviously heart crushed yet again so she stays to listen to the rest of the story that Kakashi was finishing.

As Naruto and Sasuke approach the village, jumping tree to tree, Sasake starts to trail off from Naruto.

"Hey where are you going?" Naruto says.

"Whatever Dobe, see you tomorrow" Sasuke says coldly to Naruto; when disappeared.

"I hate it when he does that" Naruto mumbled.

Naruto starts to walk instead of jumping tree to tree, as he nears the village.


Hinata is at the Hyuuga compond walking in a hallway

Lets see, I have competed training today with father

Hinata was walking and thinking at the same time, and had her head down staring at the floor. When, to her out of now where BAM! She hits a wall.

Oops, I need to pay attention more. She put her head up after her little incident and turned from the wall to another hallway. After a few minutes she reached the entrance of her house. Her stomach made a loud noise, she realized that she hadn-t had anything to eat since dinner last night.

Hhmmmm...maybe theres something in town thats better than we have here.

She walks out of the Hyuuga compound and heads to town.

Half-hour later Hinata is walking out of a building near Ichiraku reman shop.

Hmmm...reman...Naruto-kun is so...obsessed with it. Maybe I should tr...

As Hinata is thinking about lunch, Naruto is seen in the distance. He-s quickly coming closer and closer.


Ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, REMAN!!

Naruto kept thinking as he ran toward Ichiraku reman shop

In the constant thought of reman naruto failed to notice a curtain blue haired kunoichi in the middle of thinking.

BAM! Both naruto and Hinata fall over on to the ground.


Both Naruto and hinata are stunned from what, to both of them, seemed to come out from the blue.

Hinata is the first to come back to reality, She noticed a sudden weight on her. She opened her eyes to see what happened and then she saw him. Naruto... She is instantly blushes after see realizes Naruto is on her.

(Hinata-s brain computer form) processing...Naruto on...me!...error!...Error!!!...what do I do?...

As Hinata is processing what is happening to her, she soon realizes that naruto is out cold,

"Teddy bear" Hinata hears from Naruto. "Huh-no" Hinata thinks. Naruto starts to give Hinata a bear hug (A/n no pun intended). Hinata is blushing up a deeper red now, and her eyes have the anime style swills on her.

(Hinata-s brain computer form again) processing...Naruto...hugging...me!...error!...error!!!

"Nightty night bear", Naruto says in a sweet tone while making kissy face.

Then Naruto starts getting closer and closer till. Naruto opens up his eyes obviously waking up.

His face is inches away from Hinata-s face. while Hinata just developed a new shade of deep dark red.

(Hinata-s brain computer form) processing...Naruto almost...kissing me...error!...Error!!!

"AAAAAAhhhhhh, H-Hi Hin-Hinata-ch-chan-an" Naruto stuttered, only realizing one third of what has happened.

(Hinata-s brain computer form) processing...Naruto...called me...Hinata,...CHAN!!!!!...and is stuttering!!...while talking to me...me!!!...overload...overload!!!

Hinata obvious overwhelmed of odd events that just unfolded, faints but keeps her new shade of red on her face.

Naruto is also overwhelmed and has the same shade of red on his face as Hinata-s.

"You better see to it she-s okay Naruto." says Teuchi (The Ramen shop owner)

"yeah I better, I-ll see you later old man!" Naruto says while giving his big fox grin and scratching the back of his head.

Naruto gets up and sweeps off the dirt off of his orange jump suit. Looks at Hinata.

Oops, i should have looked where i was going. Naruto thinks.

Naruto, already next to Hinata, bends down and picks up Hinata bridal style.

"Awwwwwwwwwww how sweet!" says Ayame (The daughter of Teuchi) while getting googly eyed.

Naruto seeing that he-s blushing already, his whole face turns red. He quickly darts down the street and at the same time makes sure Hinata is not slipping from the speed he was going.


Naruto eventually gets to his apartment, and sets Hinata down (on the wall not the floor!). Unlocks the door and opens it. He lifts up Hinata again, walks in his not so clean apartment.

Naruto sets Hinata on his bed, seeing that thats one of the only pieces of Furniture in his "house".


HEY! I don-t fell that way about Hin-chan, why would i do that to her she-s my friend, a fellow ninja, a cute...

naruto pauses, and lays on his bed next to Hinata

Wait where did cute come from... I don-t fell that way about Hin-chan!, wait Hin-chan where did that come from?

Hinata stirrers as she lays on Naruto-s bed, and then hugs him.

"Crap, why does she have to do this when shes asleep and do it so cutely!!" Naruto says quietly

Naruto tries to get out of the bear hug Hinata she giving him, and fails to do so. "yawn!!" man I-m so tried may as well I-m not getting out of this anytime soon.

He fells asleep as soon as he closes his eyes.

A few hours later, late day (3 pm(ish))

Naruto and hinata are not just lying in bed with each other anymore, they are entangled into each other like a knot.

Naurto is the first to wake up, noticing the knot he ended up being in.

Crap, I hope no one came by and walked in on us like this, I forgot to lock the door. (Naruto is mentally scratching the back of his head and giving his fox grin)


"Shut up already or I-ll make the cage your in smaller"


"Kuso! you know I can just take it from you already, its like taking candy from a baby"



As Naruto was bickering with the nine tails, he doesn-t notice Hinata wake up.

Hinata wakes up, but doesn-t move her body except for her eyes so she could she what or who-s on her.

"Naruto-kun, was what just happened real or a dream? Is this a dream or is it real?" Hinata asked herself.

Hinata blushes at the sight of her and Naruto, sleeping with each other, entangled. She stares into Naruto, noting that he-s awake. He-s giving her a blank look but looking into his eyes she could see everything she wasn-t, everything she wanted, all of that was her Naruto-kun. A blue void, thats what she would describe his eyes as. If you didn-t know whats wrong with him or just wanted to know how he was felling you just need to look into his blue-voided-eyes. Even when he had his big fox like grin on you could look into his eyes and see all the pain he has suffered.


Naruto, after tried of yelling at a thing inside of him of life decided to go back to the real world.

The only thing he saw was Hinata, nothing else was there when he looked at her. He stared into her eyes. Her pale lavender eyes. When he looked into them he could see parts of himself in her, and most of all all the pain shes been though.


"Naruto-kun" Hinata quietly said.

"Hin-Hin-ata-ata-ch-chan!" Naruto loudly stuttered.

"What?" Hinata asked

"I aaa, you aaa, got-yo-your hand on my-" Naruto stuttered

"Meep!!" Hinata squeaked. As she realized that her hand has somewhere her hand SHOULDN-T be (A/N just fill in the blank). She quickly pulled away her hand from "that spot". She started to blush up another storm.

"Iamsoooosorrynaruto-kunididn-tmeantorunintoyouthantouchyou...there!" Hinata quickly said.

"Huh? say that a lot slower" naruto said confused.

"I said I am soooo sorry naruto-kun I didn-t mean to run into you than touch you...there!" Hinata said a lot slower.

"Its okay Hin-chan" Naruto said, than bear hugs her.

"y-you-ou-ca-call-ed-ed-m-me-H-Hin-ch-chan-n?" Hinata stuttered more than she ever did that day.

"Yeah?" Naruto said questioning himself too.

THUD! Hinata fainted yet again.

"CRAP!" Naruto yelled.
Дата публикации: 16.01.2008
Прочитано: 3285 раз

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