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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
Давно не умирали в играх? Попробуйте игры серии Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls, в которых вы будете умирать десятки, сотни раз!

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Naruto FanFictions - My Life With Akatsuki

Naruto FanFictions

Name - My Life With Akatsuki
Author - Jessarai

My Life With Akatsuki


You probably don’t know me. Or, at least, you shouldn’t know me. It’d be super creepy if you did. First things first, this story – rather, MY story – isn’t written in my point of view. There’d be too many ‘I’s. Just to let those editors out there know why the prologue is in first person and the actually story is in third,

Finally, I get to start! My name is Shanaikai Saisuki. I’m an avenger, like my cousin, Uchiha Sasuke, except I actually USE my BRAIN. cough unlike SOMEBODOY cough. Hell yeah, I get pissed and I lose control, but I know that at the age of eight I cannot go running after my nemesis when I’m not that strong. Sasuke doesn’t understand common sense. ‘Cause he has none. But don’t tell him I said that, I wanna say it to him myself. See the shock in his face. Anyways, who am I trying to avenge? That’s a difficult question. I don’t actually know every single person’s name, but I’ll tell you – I’m avenging a whole heck of a lot of people. I don’t want to get into the details of my tribe’s massacre and downfall ‘cause it’ll get me super pissed and I might bash the computer and keyboard. Then you wouldn’t know even a few hints.

Every tribe has an Elder every century or until the current Elder dies (not common for an Elder to die during his term). Elders naturally die on the one hundredth anniversary of their Elder Ritual, in which they are chosen that day. Elders are given out – of – this world powers by the Spirits that are much, MUCH stronger than anyone else’s (in the tribe), INCLUDING the Head, so they can control EVERYONE in our tribe territories (tribes are HUGE – much larger than clans, so we need territories and many towns. That’s the reason why we’re not a clan and a tribe. Got it?)

When the Council (a group of SERIOUSLY old fogeys) performed our Elder Ritual, despite our attempts, the Spirits went against our will and chose a young boy prodigy my age as the Elder (Elders don’t need to be old. The title ‘elder’ is more like referring to old men’s wisdom rather than age. Apparently the boy, Sasatami, had too much wisdom to ignore despite his evil aura. I wonder why… maybe it’s because He’s the son of the Demon Lord himself? Gee, I don’t know if I can figure that one out). So, basically, our Elder was a murderous, black-hearted, evil, little pervert (He had a crush on me. Apparently He still does, but I’m hoping it’s just a rumor). BAD idea. Good job, Spirits. You just chose the most perfect Elder to kill us all. Continuing. That resulted in the death of my entire tribe, the Shanaikai Tribe, including my mother, an Uchiha and Sasuke’s aunt, who was visiting my father and I. I’ve been told he spared my life for various reasons:

- Theory One He needs my hatred, my youth, my power, and my creature guests (I’ll explain later) later in life.

- Theory Two I wasn’t a threat to Him, especially because I was poisoned at the time, and decided I would have died anyway (Hey, you know what, Sasatami? IF you really thought poison would have done it, YOU’RE DAMN WRONG!)

- Theory Three This… sigh is my least favorite theory, but Sasatami Himself claims this is the true reason why He didn’t kill me. He said, “You’re so beautiful when you sleep, you know? It’s true. I left you alive because I didn’t want to mar your beautiful ivory skin (sound like Haku much?). I didn’t want to hurt you anymore.” Isn’t it absolutely hilarious how he coincidentally is HUNTING me, INTEDING to HURT me? Yeah, nice try, Sasatami, We all know theory one is right. Let’s not try to be Romeo and Juliet here.

So far, you know He’s killed my tribe. But that’s not all. When I was eleven, Hatake Kakashi acted as my father and was to protect me incase Sasatami was trying to capture me, The Hidden Spirit Village, Dakawagakure, my second home, had received intel that Sasatami was on the move. And, why yes, he was. The original plan was for me to leave Shadow Country with Kaka-sensei after a year (because of the genin grads). But the fat ass Lord didn’t want me to leave. It made business good because everyone either wanted to be protected by the Shanaikai or have the Shanaikai assassinate someone. It was retarded life. I am NOT a shinobi. I am a HUMAN. I am not a TOOL. Anyways, on my twelfth birthday, I left with Kaka-sensei for the day. That’s the boundary the Lord put on me. We spent the last night together in a roadside town. Next morning, Kaka-sensei decided to say behind for another hour or two, but I had to leave because I was on a schedule, so I headed southward towards Dakawagakure by myself. It was an hour later when I had breakfast in the village closest to the town I had spent last night in. Two men, campers who had been nearby the town, rushed to me and told me to leave immediately. Dakawagakure had their men after me already. They told me the roadside town had completely crumbled into rubble. I couldn’t believe it. Sasatami had missed me by at the most, fifteen minutes! He had claimed my beloved Kaka-sensei’s life! He had been the best father I could ever ask for. I was pretty sure Kaka-sensei was dead, especially when I was told a Konohagakure ninja band had been found in pieces. But later I found out the filthy excuse for a Lord had lied because he said “Shanaikai is too attached to that man.” Ass.

But, nooooo, claiming the lives belonging to the people of my tribe AND a roadside town wasn’t good enough for Him. Noooooo, He had to destroy Dakawagakure on my thirteenth birthday. Bigger ass. Scratch that, biggest ass. I thought I lost my best friend that day. He’s a lot like Sasuke, attitude wise, but most girls are attached to another boy. My other friend, her rival, the most popular boy, and the Dakawagakure Guardian (like a Hokage or mayor) were all alive, but none of them were actually five kilometers near Dakawagakure like me (I mean, I was actually IN the town when it blew). It turned out my best friend, Mr. Sasuke-act-a-like, used a dangerous jutsu seal, but came out alive in one piece.

Sasatami has definitely killed even more than that, but those are the ones I’m avenging for.

Okay, now about a teensy bit about myself and my creatures. As the legendary F. A. G. of Fire (I’m not telling you because it’s my creation. I will write my story on it one day and I can’t have people copying it. And no, it does NOT mean I’m a fag), I originally have the Phoenix spirit in me. It’s a mandatory thing because all F. A. G.s need to be able to morph into something with wings, even the F. A. G. of Earth. The Phoenix spirit saved me from the Plague, or the Second Attack of the Shanaikai Tribe (you could assume that is means the second attack Sasatami made). The Plague was created by Orochimaru, who used the chakra of the six-tailed weasel and Shukaku’s lover, Sansaiku (Shukaku was once a priest of a sand temple, I’m told, who’s seven years older than Sansaiku, a mage, who was becoming a priestess. Apparently she’s a failed experiment of her father, the Devil. I know the Six-Tails is known as Raijuu, but let’s not forget; that’s after the Devil turned Shukaku and Sansaiku into demons). It was supposed to guarantee no survivors, but Orochimaru didn’t take the Phoenix in his calculations. As the only survivor, Sansaiku had not choice but to seal herself into me or else she’d die along with the Plague.

You can now assume that I am the host of two creatures. I mean, it’d only make sense.

Okay, so you might be wondering why I’m with Akatsuki. Well, Sasuke has gone of to Mr. Snakefreak Orochimaru (damn him), Haruno has gone to Princess Slug Girl Tsunade, and Uzumaki has gone to His Majesty, the Pervert King himself, Jiraiya. And where does poor, little Saisuki go? I got to Mr. Bad Boy, the Hayjustu Lord, Uchiha Itachi!
Дата публикации: 16.01.2008
Прочитано: 2872 раз

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