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Naruto FanFictions - Leaf and Petal

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Leaf and Petal
Author - rinnyzito

Leaf and Petal

Tsunade, the fifth Hokage, was currently extremely busy trying to decide whether to work or not to work. Work or sake. As things were, she had a choice between having a normal headache the morning after, or a hangover headache caused by sake instead. Procrastination was not really a good option, but enjoying a little sake was most certainly a lot more tempting than paperwork. Tsunade frowned, placing her head in her hand, with one of her elbows on her desk.

Her thougts were disturbed as Shizune entered, not knocking, nor alerting Tsunade in any other way before coming inside. Still frowning, Tsunade watched her with a serious expression, expecting an explanation.

"Tsunade-sama! Guess who-s here!" she exclaimed. Tsunade looked to the door. Before Shizune got a chance to continue, a pink-haired ninja walked into the room, happiness evident in the way she smiled. Tsunades eyes widened in surprise.

"Sakura...?" she asked, nearly not believeing what she saw.

"Good morning, Tsunade-sama." she said, still smiling. Her emerald eyes were shining, and the Hokage-s shoulders fell. How long had it been since Tsunade had seen her young student? She bent forward over her desk, eyes fixed on Sakura. The pink-haired girl would have a long story to tell.

"You...?" she said, still watching Sakura.

"Mhm. Long time, no see." she answered in a pleased way. She still had a backpack with her, which could only mean that she had come straight to her office before going anywhere else.

"Yes... Sure is." Tsunade said, frowning as she got over the surprise. Sakura laughed quietly, and the Hokage flashed her a short smile in return.

Tsunade and Sakura had stayed in touch through airmail, with Sakuras very own falcon summon dubbed Miko. That had been a very effective way in which they had exchanged information, missions, as well as talking with each other. Sakura had gotten missions and updates from Konoha, and the Hokage got various updates of what was happening elsewhere. Tsunade glanced one last time at the pile of work that awaited her. It wasn-t that much. She would have Sakura tell her about her journey instead.

"Well, unless you want to do a lot of paperwork, why don-t you tell us about your adventure face to face instead?" Tsunade asked, smirking. In the corner of an eye she saw Shizune frown, but she didn-t comment it.

"Of course!" Sakura answered.

With the eyes of an annoyed Shizune at her, Tsunade grabbed an expensive bottle of sake.
Hangover headache it was, then.

After some hours of talking, Sakura was dismissed. Tsunade had by then finished more than one bottle of sake, and the only one to remember Sakura-s story in the morning would probably be Shizune, who would most likely be ordered to write it all down and give it to the Hokage later. Sakura would remember her story as well, of course. She was currently standing outside the jounin headquarters. Shizune had told her something of interest right before she was dismissed that troubled her a little.

She had told Sakura that Naruto and Sasuke left on a journey with Jiraya. Sakura already knew that, because they had left before she had. When they left, Sasuke and Naruto were still genin. Upon leaving Konoha, Sakura was already a chuunin. But they came back to Konoha before she did. And they had taken the Chuunin and Jounin exams in a row, both passing easily. Sakura sighed quietly. Before she left Konoha, Tsunade had trained her in taijutsu and medical jutsus. On her journey, Sakura had massively improved these skills, as well as her genjutsu and speed. She had even created her own ninjutsus. They were not all that great, but still unique.

If Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi found out she was still a chuunin, they would probably think she was like the same little Sakura from back then. The weak Sakura. In a moment of slightly depressing thoughts, Inner Sakura showed up in her mind and refused to accept such a thing. Something had to be done, preferably before she met the others.

Thus, Sakura went inside the jounin-headquarters. That was the spirit. She grinned. Becoming a jounin before she met the others couldn-t be that hard, could it? Sakura started running, confident in having a new goal. She was in front of the reception within three seconds, as determined she could get.


Naruto turned in his bed. And turned again. He was having a nightmare.

He had never before been as hungry as in that very moment. Running and dashing in no particular direction had eventually tired him out. His chakra was, for the very first time, completely and utterly gone. He had no energy left at all, and could just barely see in front of himself. But then, suddenly, he saw something tower above him. It was the Ichiraku Ramen stall. Retrieving energy from the mere adrenaline he felt from his sudden hope, Naruto got to his feet.

But then, all of a sudden, there was a tall, frightening old man in front of him, standing in his way. He had a large, pointy hat, a long staff, as well as a long beard. He raised the staff with both of his hands and shouted loudly. «You-shall not-pass!» he ordered. Then he slammed his staff on the ground in front of him.

"No! RAMEN!" Naruto shouted. He jerked up into a sitting position, sweating. Looking around slowly, he scanned his surroundings. It had been a dream? Naruto knitted his eyebrows. Every time he had a dream like that, something strange happened afterwards. What was about to happen this time?

Last time Naruto had an odd, or in this case frightening dream, Kakashi was ambushed by Gai. Kakashi won, of course, but his mask had been torn just a little by a flying shuriken. Naruto and Sasuke had almost seen his face, but he had covered it with his hand. How utterly typical. Then, Kakashi ran back towards his apartment with loads of fangirls chasing him. Many fangirls.Very many.

Naruto dismissed his thoughts and jumped out of his bed, then moved towards the kitchen with chakra-powered feet. Time to eat!


Several days later, and also several "do-not-get-spotted-by-old-team-members-or-old-friends" actions, Sakura was back at the jounin headquarters again. Finally, it was her turn to have her own jounin-title. If she could pass it, that is. She would pass. She couldn-t keep keep transforming into an old woman every time she saw someone she knew. At least Shizune and Tsunade-sama kept their mouths shut. This would end today. She would pass.

"I shall pass." she said silently to herself and grinned. After the paper-tests were done, she would fight someone. And in said fight, she was prepared to let out Inner Sakura if she had to. Her grin almost turned evil. In her mind, Inner Sakura waved a fist, muttering the word "Shannaro!" under her breath.

She was taken to a room in which the written tests were taken, and took a seat. It only took half an hour to answer all the questions. That was fairly fast, she knew it was. But it was all the time she needed.

"...I-m done." she said confidently. The examiner looked up. He had been reading through some papers. Probably results from an earlier jounin-test.
"Already? Well, then we-re off to the battlegrounds." he said, not waiting for her reply. He was already on his way out the door, probably in a hurry. Sakura followed him into a huge room that looked very much like the room in which with the preliminary matches were held during team 7-s first chuunin exam. In the middle of the room, three jounin awaited them. One red-haired lady Sakura had never seen before, and one dark-haired man. The third one was standing with his back facing them. He had silver hair. It was Kakashi.

Sakura stopped, and acted on reflex. Like she had the past few days, she disappeared in a puff of smoke and reappeared as an old lady. The examiner and the three jounin turned to look at her. The third jounin was indeed Kakashi, as she thought. He held an orange book, unmistakably well-worn, with the title -Come Come Paradise- in its cover.

"Oh?" he said, amused, shutting the book.
"What an entertaining form... Will you fight like that?" he asked, putting the book into his pocket.

An old lady. Why did she have to turn into an old lady? The examiner cleared his voice.

"Ahem...You are to choose an opponent. Any of these three. You don-t have to win the battle to pass, you only have to be good enough in combat. No killing in this exam, old lady." the examiner said, smirking. The currently old lady Sakura frowned, causing deep furrows to deepen even more in her wrinkled face. She pointed a hand in the direction of the red-haired lady jounin. If she chose Kakashi, he would find out it was her. And then he would hold back. Sakura couldn-t have that. The examiner turned to Sakura again, after writing something on the notepad he held.

"Her name is Kaede. By the way, Kakashi-san... Why are you so early today?" he asked.

"Oh? Well..." Kakashi started. He placed a finger on his chin, as if thinking. Then he looked directly at Sakura, who was currently hiding her chakra as much as possible, so he wouldn-t recognize it. She froze as his gaze met hers, and she could have sworn that her current hair got a little whiter. He kept watching her for some long seconds, and she blinked.

"That is... I had this odd dream in which I got here too late, but didn-t realize it was a dream before I saw Orochimaru and Itachi playing a card game in which the winner would become Hokage. In here, for some reason... And when I woke up, I was standing here, fully dressed, with my book in hand." Kakashi explained, then smiled. Or his eye smiled, rather. Sakura tried not to start laughing. It would look bad if she lost her teeth in front of these skilled jounins. The examiner-s eyes twitched upon hearing the lousy explanation.

"Okay, then. Kakashi-san, Garou-san, we will move away from the battlefield." he said. They obliged, and moved up to stand behind the railing. Despite Sakura-s silent wishes, Kakashi didn-t get his book, but rather watched her and Kaede. If this was how it was going to be, Sakura would have to fight as an old lady. She couldn-t have that.

"You may begin... now!" the examiner said loudly.

Sakura made some quick hand seals, and transformed from an old lady into the Hokage herself, still hiding her chakra in case Kakashi noticed it was hers. Kaede, not distracted by her change of appearance, used a fire cannon jutsu. Sakura dodged easily, while thinking of how to defeat her without being recognized by Kakashi. Couldn-t he just go outside and read or something? In her head, Inner Sakura whispered loudly, wanting Sakura to let her out. But Sakura didn-t. Inner Sakura would be her last resort. Thanks to her training, she believed she would manage just fine without that option.

Kaede threw two explosion tags attached to kunais in her direction. Sakura, still in Tsunade-s form, smiled. Then she used a genjutsu, one of her very own illusions. Her opponent suddenly relaxed, and her eyes told her that Kaede was trapped. Sakura had caught the two explosion tags that came her way. Kaede probably knew it was a genjutsu, but she didn-t do anything. Sakura could understand why: The red-haired lady was currently floating among pink, soft clouds, enjoying total silence. This was a jutsu Sakura had made against headache. She wondered vaguely how much Tsunade would have give her for it.

Sakura ran forward, jumped behind Kaede, and put the first explosion tag behind her on the ground, and the other one in front of her. Then she got back in place, and released the genjutsu. Kaede immediately spotted the tag in front of her. She quickly grabbed and deactivated it. And then, the explosion tag behind her exploded.

Half an hour later, Sakura awaited her answer. In her own body now, she sat in the hall of the building and waited for someone to show up and tell her whether or not she had passed. Had she pass or failed? As if on cue, the examiner came out of a door close to the room in which she had taken the first test. His face didn-t tell her anything, he seemed bored. That was probably a result of having to read through all the tests that were taken here.

"Haruno Sakura, your paper-test went excellently. You got a top score... And though your fight was short, and you changed into two people for no special reason... Your fight was still very good. About Kaede-san... She is fine. It would take more than an explosion to take her out for good. You pass." the examiner said. He looked up from the papers he held, and tried to smile. It was closer to a bored smirk. Sakura grinned. Inner Sakura yelled -Shannaro- so loudly Sakura couldn-t help but let her grin widen as she thought of her next -mission-.

Now, it was about time for her to go and meet up with her old friends.
Дата публикации: 16.01.2008
Прочитано: 3314 раз

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