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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
Давно не умирали в играх? Попробуйте игры серии Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls, в которых вы будете умирать десятки, сотни раз!

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Naruto FanFictions - Konoha High New Beginings

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Konoha High New Beginings
Author - Totalycool16

Konoha High New Beginings

Long, straight, brown hair flowing behind her in a ponytail that was clipped to the back of her head so it was kinda upside down, Akira entered her new home in Konoha. Inside, Tsukiko greeted her.

“Hey. So, how do you like the house?”

“I love it!!!!” answered Akira. It was an average sized home with an in-ground pool in the backyard. It had two floors and a basement. Tsukiko isn’t Akira’s biological mother, both her parents died when she was three. Tsukiko was only 20 and still in college. She had become her legal guardian when her parents passed away. Tsukiko has dirty-blonde hair tied in a ponytail on the side of her head. Both guardian and teen are average weight and size, not too skinny, and not fat at all.

“I have a surprise for you!”

“What, what is it???” questioned Akira.

“Well, since my school is a boarding school, I’ve decided to stay there most of the time so…”

“I get the house for myself???!!!!”

“Well, only if you really want to…”

“Hey, I know you’re my guardian, but I will slap you if you say such an evil thing like that again.”

“Ya ya, let’s see you try,” said Tsukiko giggling.

“Thank you sooooo much!!!! I love you Tsukiko!!!!!”

“So, did you want to take a look around town while I make dinner?”

“Would I?”

“See you around six thirty, and no later!”

“Ok, ok, I will, don’t worry.”

As Akira was walking down her street, Akira bumped into a certain blond-haired teen.




“Whoa, when you told me over the phone that you were moving, you didn’t say that you were going to Konoha!!”

“Ya, well, you didn’t tell me two years ago, when Tsukiko let you on your own, that you were moving to Konoha!”

As you can tell from this conversation, Naruto and Akira are technically siblings. This is because all four of their parents died and Tsukiko adopted both of the children. Tsukiko isn’t a very protective mother, so she let Naruto move to Konoha all by himself and two years later, she and Akira moved to Konoha. Coincidence much? Maybe, you be the judge of that.

“So, we’re starting our freshman year tomorrow.”


“Do you think you’ll like it here?”

“Well, I think I’m off to a pretty good start, meeting you here. You better be pretty popular, or I’m going to kill you for lying to me about your friends.”

A huge smile stretched across Naruto’s face, “You’ll see tomorrow.”


“Hey, did you pick up your uniform yet?”

“No, but that would be a great idea, mind showin’ me around on our way to the school?”

“Sure, let’s get going.”

“I have to be back by six thirty or Tsukiko will kill me.”

“Ok, ok, we’ll be fast.”

On their way to Konoha High (the school), the two teens bumped into Sasuke.

“Oh, hey Sasuke!” shouted Naruto enthusiastically.

“Hnn? Oh, hey Naruto.”

“Sasuke, this is Akira, my sister that I told you about! She just moved here!”


“Hey, nice to meet you,” replied Akira.

“Where you guys headed to?”

“We have to go get Akira’s uniform for tomorrow. Do you wanna come with?”

“Nah, I got to get back soon.”

“Ok, suit yourself. See you tomorrow.”

“Ya, see ya.”

As Akira and Naruto walked away, Akira asked, “Friend of yours?”


“Wow, does he always keep his sentence to a minimum amount of words?”

“All the time.”

“Ok… so far, your friends are pretty weird.”

The two siblings picked up the uniform and Akira tried it on, just in case.

“It’s so short!!!!”

“Damn, you look good in a short skirt, did you roll it up?”


“I thought not,” he giggled uncontrollably, “It’s pretty short compared to all the other girls’ skirts, this must be your lucky day!”

“Ya, it’s gonna be the lucky day of a lot of guys trying to look up my skirt!!”

“I was just joking!” he replied, “Well, you can’t do much about it now, that’s all of the skirts they have.”

Akira growled then said, “Whatever, hey Naruto, wanna stay for dinner? I’m sure Tsukiko wouldn’t mind.”

“Hmm, ok!”


Later at Akira’s house…

“Ha, tough brake for you, you’re stuck with that skirt all year,” mocked Tsukiko.

“Quit being so mean about it!” replied Akira.

“Anyways, I’m glad you could come over Naruto, I haven’t seen you in two whole years!”

“Ya, it’s great to see you to Tsukiko!! Anyways, I gotta get going, see you tomorrow Akira!”

“Ya, see ya!”


Next day…

Akira woke up to her very annoying alarm clock. She grumbled lazily as she got into her uniform.

“Good morning Akira!! Ready for your first day of school?” shouted Tsukiko.

“Oh, what fun,” mumbled Akira grumpily.

“Aw, don’t be that way, I’m sure you’ll love it here!”
Ding Dong

“Oh, Akira, that must be Naruto, go on, get going!”

Akira answered the door. “Hey Naruto.”

“Wow, look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

“Ah, don’t rub it in, let’s just go.”

“Ok, ok, see ya Tsukiko!”

“Bye you guys! Have fun at school!”
Дата публикации: 14.01.2008
Прочитано: 3626 раз

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