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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
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Naruto FanFictions - Itachi Strikes With Power

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Itachi Strikes With Power

Itachi Strikes With Power

I stared through the leaves as Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura headed to Kakashi-s camp. Itachi-s words spun around in my head. "Bring them to me alive. Kill them, and I-ll kill you." I stared hard at Sasuke. His eyes were rolling as Naruto complained about the new Ramen shop in town. I sucked in a breath and pulled a shuriken from my pant pouch. I flew from the trees. Sasuke could only look up before I brought my fists down on his head. He slumped to the ground in pain. I threw the shuriken in Naruto-s direction. I felt Sasuke-s hands wrap around my ankles. I ended up being pushed down by his weight. I frowned at him. "Who are you?" He demanded. I spat in his face and rolled from underhim. I reached out and grabbed Naruto by the neck. I quickly pulled out a kunai and held it to his neck. Sasuke stopped moving. "Attack me. I-ll kill him." I hissed. Sasuke frowned. "Who are you?" He demanded again. I laughed. "My name is Izzi. I-m not in the mood for games, so let-s get to business." I said. Sakura walked up beside Sasuke. "What do you want?" She asked. I frowned. "You really have a big mouth." I said. "We know." Naruto choked. I loosenedd my grip on his neck. He gasped. I smiled and threw him forward at Sasuke and Sakura. "I was ordered to bring you to my employer. So, I expect you to come peacefully. I have to make a good impression on this guy." I explained. Sakura rolled her eyes. "You-re our age. I don-t understand anything that-s-" "Shut up! Look, I may be 13, but I need you guys to just meet me at my employer-s mansion two miles east from the Village Hidden in the Leaf tonight at 11:30 with Kakashi." I snapped. Naruto made a disgusted noise. "You-re kidding, right? Why should we trust you? You almost killed me!" He exclaimed. "Just meet me there. If you don-t, don-t expect to see Iruka alive." I hissed. Sasuke-s eyes widened. I grinned. "Yes, Sasuke. Just come and everything will be okay." I said and ran away. I ran quickly. I jumped into the air and landed on a cliff. I looked up at a mansion. I walked in when I arrived. Itachi stood on the top of the stairs. His expression grim. I gulped and bowed my head. He suddenly appeared in front of me. His hand traced along my face. My skin crawled. "Izzi, I asked you bring them to me, not make a date." He hissed. "I-m sorry, Itachi, but it was the only way. Sasuke-" "Sasuke scared you? Pah! At least they-ll be here alive." He muttered and walked to the other side of the room. He held his hand up for dismissal. I walked out of the mansion and out to the forest. I saw the smoke from Kakashi-s camp. I jumped off the edge of the cliff and landed on a tree. I balanced on one foot as I saw Iruka walking to the camp. I frowned when I saw he had a pouch full of shuriken. I couldn-t dodge shuriken even if my life depended on it. I sighed and ducked forward. I ducked under trees and bushes until I reached Kakashi-s camp. Kakashi was seated on a log poking at his fire. Naruto was behind him, tied to a tree, kicking and screaming. Sasuke was standing next to Lee who was looking Sakura up and down in an angry way. Iruka showed up and called Kakashi into a tent. I took my chance and flew from the trees and landed before everybody on a boulder in the center of the camp. Lee jumped back in surprise. Naruto stopped kicking, but kept screaming. Sasuke pulled a kunai out. Sakura was frozen. "Well, well. Sasuke, acting like a big boy now." I hissed. Sasuke frowned. "A very bad idea to stumble onto enemy grounds." He snapped. I laughed. "Free world for me! I get to do what I want when I want." I said. Suddenly, I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind me. I realized that it was Kakashi as he jumped of the log. I was stunned. I stood frozen as he stared me in the face. I gulped. I-ve heard too many stories about this -Copy Ninja- and I wasn-t ready to face him off. Iruka was behind me when I turned to run. I frowned. "I don-t have time for this." I snapped and jumped into the air. I felt a hand grab my ankle. I recognized that grasp, it was Sasuke. He pulled me back down and I fell on my bottom. I shook my head to clear my vision. I opened my eyes to see Sasuke staring me in the eyes. His eyes made me stop breathing. I frowned and slapped him away. I stood up and brushed myself off. "What are you doing here?" Kakashi demanded. I shrugged. "I got bored at my employer-s and decided to see if Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura would pay up on their side of the deal." I explained. Kakashi looked at his team, apparently angry. "We never said we-d be there!" Naruto cried. I laughed. "Funny. You don-t have to be there anymore." I said. Sakura stared at me clearly confused. I smiled. "He-s coming here." I laughed. Everybody looked around. I fell to one of my knees and crossed my hands over my chest and kicked at Sasuke before he could say anything. He fell back. I heard Kakashi start an attack. I jumped to the side as Kakashi jammed a foot at my face. I grabbed at his foot and pushed him back. I ducked as Lee threw a punch at my head. I felt Iruka grab my jacket collar. I spun around and slapped his hand away. He pulled out his shuriken. I gulped and decided to run. I heard the familiar race of the shuriken as they zoomed after me. I felt them grab my jacket and pull me forward off my feet. I ended up being pinned to a tree. I groaned as I realized that Itachi was going to kick my butt for this. Iruka and Kakashi approached me. "I-m guessing you and shuriken don-t mix." Kakashi said. I frowned. "Shut up." I snapped. Kakashi opened his mouth to say more, but the clouds overhead grew black. I grinned. "Finally." I muttered. Itachi appeared before Kakashi and Iruka. Itachi pointed a finger at the shuriken pinning me down and they disappeared. I slipped over beside Itachi. I bowed my head and looked at the shocked ninjas. I grinned. "So, Itachi is your employer." I heard Sakura say. I looked at her laughed. "No dip." I spat. I looked over and looked at Sasuke. His face was set in a surprised angry look. I felt his anger radiate off him. I felt Itachi-s hand on my shoulder. "Good job, Izzi. You have done well." He praised. I bowed my head low. "Now, help me take out the trash." He said. I nodded and looked at Iruka and Kakashi. "You can keep them busy, I want Sasuke and Naruto." Itachi ordered. I grinned as Itachi zoomed forward to attack Sasuke and Naruto. I cross my hands into the sign of fire. Iruka jumped up and dodged my blow of fire. Kakashi disappeared. I looked around. Iruka was gone and so was Kakashi. I felt a breath behind me. I spun around. Kakashi threw a punch at my stomach sending me back. I slammed into a tree. Kakashi hovered over me. I looked up at him. He doesn-t even have to use the Sharingan eye to defeat me. I slithered up. I was still looking up at him. He reached out to grab me, but I ducked down and between his legs. I ran out and began to form an ice jutsu. I was barely finished when Kakashi kicked at my back. I flew forward and hit another tree. I shook my head. "That is so unfair!" I snapped and ducked as Kakashi aimed a kick at my head. I didn-t waste time and punched Kakashi-s face. He slid backwards and shook his head. "You have a lot of power for a little kid." He mused. I frowned and began to form a fire jutsu. "I-m 13!" I hissed and aimed the jutsu at Kakashi. Flames shot from my hands and sped towards Kakashi. Kakashi jumped to the left. I frowned and ran at him. I jumped over his leg as he threw it out to done for. I dodged his next attack with an ice jutsu. I heard the sounds of people shouting. I spun just in time to see more ninjas. I frowned. I could barely control Kakashi. How could I control 20 more?!
Дата публикации: 14.01.2008
Прочитано: 2893 раз

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