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Naruto FanFictions - Is Forever Enough

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Is Forever Enough
Author - Nicolah2009

Is Forever Enough

Returning to the village after seven years, Raiden Namikaze, a young blonde Jounin in her twenties, is assigned to protect Sasuke and Naruto from Orochimaru and the Akatsuki along with Hatake Kakashi, with whom she-s always rivaled with. But she has a mystery about her. The necklace she wears has a missing half, and she says she will never see the second half until her death. And for some reason, she reacts oddly whenever the Fourth Hokage is mentioned, and has been caught staring longingly at Naruto several times. What is this girl-s deal, and how does Kakashi play into all of this? KakashiXOC

Feet scuffling lightly along the dirt pathway leading to the Hokage temple, a small sack slung over her shoulder, Raiden Namikaze made her way through the streets of Konoha, ignoring the curious and not so subtle glances being thrown in her direction. They didn’t know what business she had here, and she wasn’t about to tell them.

Having left the village several years ago at the age of twenty, she was being welcomed back with open arms, and, thankfully, the title of Jounin. She’d been at that level at the time of her startling departure and Tsunade willingly restored her position.

Smiling to herself at the thought of seeing all of her old friends again, Raiden readjusted her sack on her back and lifted her chin a little, seeming to take on an air of superiority and class. She had a right to feel that way, too. Before she took her leave, she’d been one of the stronger ninja in the Hidden Leaf village. She could’ve taken any of the Jounin on, and now, after her travels and training, she could do so just as easily.

The Hokage temple loomed in front of her, and she stopped by its gate, staring up at the massive building that housed Lady Tsunade. She smiled to herself, pushed open the gates, and, without a glance at the guards requesting her name and purpose, strode up to the front door. There, though, those two guards caught up to her and grabbed her by the arms. She stiffened and glared venomously at each of them.

“Let go of me,” she said in a low, dangerous voice.

“Who are you? And what purpose do you have in the Hokage temple?” the first of the guards, the one with dark hair, questioned, giving her arm a firm shake. She jerked her arms from their grasp and situated her bag back on her shoulder.

“My name is of no interest to you,” she began, resting one hand on the door in front of her, “and I’m here to talk to Tsunade, so I suggest you leave before she gets irritated that her guards made her guest late.”

They took one step back each, looking between each other confusedly, and Raiden shoved the door open, walking inside.

It was just as she remembered it, the big room in the front holding the Hokage’s chair where open courts were held with the huge chandelier handing from the ceiling. She walked through the large room, remembering all of the times she’d been in there at the side of the Hokage, while he solved problems and answered questions that the public brought to him during open court days.

Up the staircase at the end of the hallway leading from the courtroom, she counted down the doors until the large mahogany doors, carved with intricate drawings, came into view. She halted outside of them, running her hand lightly over the polished wood and tracing the carvings, reminiscing her days as the Hokage’s guard in the beautiful office with its wall of windows, talking with the Hokage like the old friends they’d been back then. Her heart wrenched painfully, and Raiden knocked on the door to distract herself.

A loud, “Come in!” sounded a few seconds later, and Raiden walked inside the office, shutting the door behind her as she went.

Sitting at the desk with a pile of folders in front of her and a bottle of sake resting to her right, Tsunade waved Raiden over and stood up. She flung her arms out and, walking around the desk, wrapped the blonde woman in a hug. Raiden hugged her back, laughing, happy to see her old friend. Normally, one of Tsunade’s hugs would have crushed a man, but Raiden had worked under the Sannin for years, and was just as strong as she was.

“Raiden! How are you?” Tsunade asked after they’d separated, sitting back down at her desk and gesturing for Raiden to take the seat in front of her. Raiden sat down, dropped her sack on the floor, and put her hands behind her head.

“Good, good, and you?”

“Pretty good now that you’re back and I’ll have someone to exert some control over a few of our ninja,” Tsunade replied, shuffling more papers on her desk. “I’m glad that you returned to Konoha, Raiden. The fourth would have been, too.”

Raiden stiffened at the mention of the Fourth Hokage’s name, this movement not going unnoticed by Tsunade. Choosing her words carefully, Tsunade went on.

“The Leaf needs you here. Orochimaru is at large, along with the Akatsuki. They pose a very large threat to everyone in the village, especially two certain young boys.”

Intrigued, Raiden inquired about the two boys, already having an idea who one of them was.

“The Akatsuki is after the nine-tailed fox, and as you know it’s sealed inside a young Genin named Naruto.” Raiden once again bristled, but forced herself to relax and nodded for Tsunade to continue speaking. “And Orochimaru has taken an unhealthy interest in the only Uchiha left on our side, Uchiha Sasuke, another on the same team as Naruto, oddly enough. He has already administered the curse seal to his neck, and the boy is learning to use it. His sensei, Hatake Kakashi, is trying to keep it sealed away, but Uchiha is just pushing it. Kakashi believes he might go over to Orochimaru, in order to become strong enough to take on his brother.”

Raiden nodded and stood up, stretching, having heard enough of Tsunade’s banter to get an idea of what she was needed for. “And you want me to help out Hatake’s team and protect the two Genin, am I correct?” When Tsunade nodded, Raiden picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. “So what room am I staying in and when do I get to meet the little brats?”

“You will be in the same room, which I hope you’ll remember, and you will be meeting them in the ramen shop in one hour. Good luck.” As Raiden turned to leave, she thought she heard the Hokage mutter, “You’ll need it.”


Raiden stepped out of the shower, wrapping her red towel around herself and walking out of the bathroom. Her clothes, laying on the bed, consisted of a pair of blue sandals, her Jounin vest, a black shirt, and black pants, the same that nearly every Jounin wore. She touched the green vest, more memories of the times she’d worn it, those on her team that she’d fought beside, came rushing back, and she had to close her eyes to stop the flood of them. She had left the village because she’d been unable to live with what happened, but she’d gotten stronger, and could handle it now. Right?

She pulled on the clothes, leaving her Jounin vest lying on the bed and her shoes on the floor. She wanted to get a good look around her room before leaving to meet the three Genin she was supposed to be protecting—really only two, but she knew there was a girl on the team, too—and their sensei, Hatake Kakashi. She smiled at the thought of the gray-haired man, thinking of all their arguments and differences that had gotten in the way of every single mission they’d gone on together. He really did get on her nerves.

The room was just like she remembered it to be—a bed pushed up against one wall, a white bedside table next to it, barely touching the red comforter; white furniture standing out against red walls, red and white carpet swirling beneath her feet; the closet off to the side, its contents basically the same; and the picture sitting on her dresser, the one of her and her brother, smiling and playfully punching each other. She felt her chest tighten again and looked away from the photograph. She could handle it.

She went to her vanity, sat down, and looked in the mirror.

Blue eyes stared back at her from a heart-shaped face framed by long blonde hair. Her nose was small, dainty, and placed perfectly in the middle. Her mouth was thin and her chin wasn’t very prominent. Her hair fell over her shoulders and down her back, a bright shade of yellow that she’d always been proud of. Her blue eyes stood out like wide oases on a pale face, but as hard and cold as ever. She knew how to hide her emotions well, and only one person had been able to bring her feelings out into the open.

Her hand reached up and touched the silver necklace hanging there, resting on her chest. The charm on the end of it was only half of a whole circle. It was jagged where it had been cut down the middle, with only one of two hearts showing. Merely half of the words made no sense if one didn’t know of the whole.
May the


While tbe

Are one from

Raiden clutched it in her fist for a moment, thinking of the person who had the other half of the necklace, and how it would always be with him in the place he was now. She sniffed and grabbed her brush, attacking her wet blonde locks with a fury to distract herself from the necklace and those sad thoughts that came with it.

She tugged all the tangles out and swept it back into a messy French braid. She tied her headband over her forehead, pulled on her shoes, and picked up the vest, still refusing to put it on. She felt weird about wearing it, and didn’t want to until she had to, which would be about two seconds before she got to the ramen shop and Hatake made some snide comment about her being back.

Closing her bedroom door silently behind her, she walked without a sound down the hallway, effortlessly keeping quiet. She walked down the stairs, out through the front doors of the temple, and burst into a jog, wanting to get there before Hatake did and make fun of him for it. She was always early, he was always late. She really didn’t have anything to worry about for that reason, but there was always a chance he would like to be on time to something.

It wasn’t long before she reached the street that the ramen shop was on, and she slowed to a walk, estimating she had about half an hour before she needed to be there. No doubt Hatake’s team was already waiting for him, but hey, who said she had to join the brats before he got there?

She stepped into a small shop that she’d used to visit before with her brother. They had spent much money in the little shop buying useless trinkets and giving them to each other. In fact, Raiden had bought the necklace she was wearing in this very store, the only one the owner had ever had, and the only one he ever would. She’d been alone that day, wanting to surprise the someone she was planning on giving the other half to. The shop owner was understanding that day, and allowed her to have it for a cheaper price than usual. After all, she was a figure of authority.

Raiden greeted the owner, Hitsomo, who met her sudden entrance with great surprise and joy. He rushed around the counter, wrung her hand, and told her she could have anything she wanted in the store. Smiling, she nodded, knowing it would insult the man to refuse the offer, and set to the task of picking something.

She wanted a bargain, so she knew it would have to be over her price range at the moment. Her fingers ran over the necklaces hanging off a rack, the bracelets next to them. She touched each little trinket, and smiled at the ones she could remember buying twins of. She stopped on a fan, a dainty red and white fan, with the Konoha symbol engraved on its handle. It was intricately designed, and reminded her of the person she missed the most. She was halfway to saying she wanted the fan when she bit back the thought and reminded herself it was better to stray from things that made her think of him.

Instead, she took two identical ankle bracelets meant for friends to give to each other. They were a small price, but she’d lost all want for an expensive item after seeing the fan, and she knew they’d come in handy sometime.

“There you go!” Hitsomo said happily, handing her the bracelets in a little bag. She smiled and took it.

“Thanks, Hitsomo. I’ll be back real soon.”

As she walked out of the store, she heard the old man say, “I’ll bet on it!”

Deciding that now was the time to put on her vest, Raiden shrugged the green thing over her shoulders and left it open, tucking the bag with the bracelets into an inside pocket. She could see the ramen shop, and made out three figures that were obviously children sitting in the row of seats. She slowed her pace, her chin still held high with an air of authority. She ran one hand over her messy braid, tugged lightly at the end of it, and stopped at the front of the ramen shop.

The bell jingled and she heard the old man say, “Come on in!”

Aloof, she pushed the curtains away from her face and walked in, taking a place two seats down from the team of three Genin eating up bowls of ramen.

The girl had pink hair, bright green eyes, and a sort of shy demeanor about her. She didn’t exude confidence, but she wasn’t without it, either. Raiden noted how trim and well muscled she was, and figured that the young kunoichi trained hard to keep up with her teammates.

The boy to her right was glaring down into his bowl of ramen, taking small bites every few moments. He had a head full of black hair that was pushed off his face slightly by his headband. His navy blue shirt was traditionally high-collared and the Uchiha fan was bestowed on the back. He had white shorts, wraps on his legs, and every movement he made screamed at how talented he was. Raiden snorted; this was the Uchiha, and like the typical Uchiha, he was cocky and over confident. But there was something about him, something that separated him from all of the other of his clan she’d ever met. She’d been there when the news that his entire clan had been murdered, and knew that he was the sole survivor, save for his older brother Itachi. Yes, this boy, Uchiha Sasuke, had something else in his demeanor that made him different from everyone around him.

And then, on the pink-haired girl’s left, was the blonde-haired boy that made her breath in sharply.

He was gobbling up ramen at such a rapid pace Raiden couldn’t really tell when he finished one bowl and moved onto the next one. But that wasn’t what had startled her. It was just…he’d grown so much since the last time she’d seen him, and from what she could tell, he was resembling…well…him…more and more as he got older. His blonde hair stuck up oddly, as it always had, and his blue eyes eagerly stared down at each new bowl of ramen that was thrust towards him. He wore an orange jumpsuit that looked a little bulky, but whatever suited him.

This was, she knew, Uzumaki Naruto, the orphan boy who had the Kyuubi sealed within his belly. She did not know how far along he was in figuring out how to use the demon’s chakra as his own, or if he could control it at all, but she knew just by looking at him that he was going to be great someday. If, of course, he hadn’t gotten that stupid stubborn, loud-mouthed streak in him, too.

“Sakura!” the blonde Naruto shrieked, and Raiden winced. He had gotten that streak in him. Damn. “Why aren’t you eating your ramen?”

The girl was apparently called Sakura, and she answered him in a much quieter tone that Raiden couldn’t hear, but only because she wasn’t trying to. She was noticing that the old man was stealing glances at her as if he were attempting to figure out if it was really her.

She smiled at him and nodded, and he nearly dropped the spoon he was using to stir the ramen. He hastened to fix her a bowl of her favorite ramen and handed it to her, mumbling about it being “on the house.” She smiled, picked up her chopsticks, and dug in just as quickly as Naruto, but only less sloppily as he did. In a moment, she was on her second bowl, then her third, and was earning stares from the three Genin two seats down.

She stopped after eating her third bowl and placed down the chopsticks, holding up her hand to signal that she’d eaten her full and would like a glass of water, please. She sipped on her water, watching the Genin out of the corner of her eye. The three were discussing something, and even Naruto’s voice was lowered to a quiet tone.

And then, she saw movement on the street that just seemed to draw her attention. It was a gray-haired man in a Jounin vest with a small orange book in front of his face. She knew who this was.

Her stomach churned with nervous anxiety and distaste, and she stood up quickly, too quickly, for the Genin looked her way again. She glared at them, brushed past the curtains, and walked the opposite way that Hatake was walking. She didn’t think she could face him right now, not when she’d just gotten back. Maybe tomorrow. She’d deal with Tsunade later.


Instead of walking around the village that she already knew so well and seeing what was new, Raiden decided to go to the training field she’d spent so many hours on with her brother. She walked through the woods slowly, taking her time and enjoying the scenery. Not that she hadn’t seen enough trees and bushes and flowers in her travels for those years, really. She grinned at the thought, and stepped into the clearing where she’d trained during her days in Konoha.

There were the three stumps, funnily enough, that she had never been tied to, and had watched as her teammates had been. She’d gotten the bells.

She remembered being with her team, consisting of Kei, a skilled weapons specialist, and Benjirou, who leaned towards element jutsu like fire and earth. Kei, Ben, and Raiden had been an almost unbeatable team during their days working together, until the Kyuubi attack. Both Kei and Benjirou had been killed protecting an injured Raiden from further harm. Guilt still reigned with Raiden, and she knew she would never be able to escape it.

In a sudden fury, Raiden rushed at the three stumps and began attacking the one in the middle, beating it with her fists and lashing out with her feet. With each hit came a dull thud that echoed in the clearing along with her grunts of exertion. She continued to pound the stump until she was out of breath and sweat was running down her face.

She placed a hand on the stump and leaned against it, doubled over and breathing heavily. Beating the wood had not helped at all, only made the pain in her chest worsen, every breath coming with a burst of invisible white-hot needles stabbing her heart. She swallowed, trying to stem the hurt, but it didn’t go away.

Raiden pushed off the stump and screamed a raging howl, flinging her fist at the wood with such power that it went through the stump, the sound of splintering wood cracking around the clearing. She slowly withdrew her fist, feeling slightly better now that the offensive stump was properly damaged. But her chest still ached dully, and she turned away from the tall chunk of wood now with a large hole in it. She needed to get away for a little while, but she had a job to do, and Tsunade would not be happy if she slacked off on it. Deciding that spending the rest of the day and night in her bedroom would be the best plan of action, Raiden began walking slowly down the stretch of the field, heading towards town, her hands shoved into her pockets habitually.

On the way, she studied the trees around her with vague curiosity, noticing the slight changes in them since the last time she’d been in Konoha. The trees were taller, with more gaping holes and gashes in their bark than she remembered. Several of the branches were cracked and broken, and even a few whole trees were missing. Raiden took all of this in a sturdy wonder, trying to imagine what could have caused such damage. Probably a sparring match gone wrong, or a flat-out rivalry fight. She shivered pleasantly at the thought of a good tousle.

Her feet carried her at a turtle’s pace back into the village, and she found herself on the same street as the ramen shop. Again. And, as she peered around a few people in front of her to get a good look at the shop, the blonde Naruto was in there. Again. Did this kid live off ramen or what?
Feeling like a good bowl herself, she slipped past the curtains and took the same seat she’d had earlier. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Naruto was on his fourth bowl of ramen. She smirked, knowing that even if he could eat ten more, she would still out-eat him. Gesturing for three bowls to be placed in front of her, Raiden picked up her chopsticks and dug in, devouring all three ramen meals in a few moments.

She patted her stomach hungrily and ordered some more. The old man chuckled and muttered something to himself that Raiden ignored. So what if she ate more than Naruto? He was just a kid, for crying out loud, and she didn’t have any use for the comparison between herself and him.

Three more bowls later, Raiden finally motioned that she was through and would like her usual glass of water. Her stomach felt like it was bulging, but it was worth it. She hadn’t had this good of food since she’d left Konoha, and it was nice to be able to make up for it in only two sittings. Plus, Naruto was sneaking suspicious looks in her direction every now and again, and she found she was enjoying his natural curiosity very much. He had gotten that streak, too.

The curtain was pushed aside as someone else walked into the ramen shop and sat down between Raiden and the young blonde boy. Gray hair standing on end as usual, mask pulled up to cover his face and headband pulled down on one side to block the use of the Sharingan, Hatake tucked his orange book into his pocket and folded his hands on the counter in front of him.

Raiden eyed him expectantly, but wasn’t disappointed either when he pretended not to see her. She was used to him acting that way. Ever since they were kids…

She sipped idly at her glass of water, completely ignoring Hatake’s presence. Let him feel like he had the upper hand. That was just the way he was, always acting superior to everyone else around him. She honestly didn’t care if he acted stupidly towards her return—his opinion didn’t matter to her.

Finally, as if he were getting tired of the slowly growing tension in the small ramen shop, Hatake sighed heavily and turned his head in a wearisome manner. “So, when did you get back into town, Raiden?”
Smirking now that he’d finally acknowledged her, Raiden set down her glass of water with a firm thud and swiveled in her seat to face him. She threw on the demeanor of being positively cool and collected. “Oh, this morning, early.”

Hatake nodded. “Hmm. That’s nice. I assume that you recognized—”

Raiden interrupted him. “Yes, thank you very much, Hatake. I don’t need your reminder.” Her icy blue eyes bore into his lazy gray one. “Has anything interesting and well-worth my time been going on with you?”

Hatake shrugged one shoulder. “Not really. Just the usual, got a new team, trained them, didn’t finish the Chunin exams.”

“And why would that be?” Raiden persisted, knowing that there had to be a reason behind Hatake’s team not making it through the exams. He had never before passed a team, and if they’d made it to the Chunin exams, they had to be skilled.

“Oh, Orochimaru attacked the village and killed the Third, is all,” Hatake answered, a hint of irritation trickling into his voice for the first time. “Not as if you would have heard about it on your…travels.”

Biting the inside of her lip to keep from snapping back, Raiden replied, “I had heard about the Third’s murder. I’m rather remorseful I didn’t get to see the old man before he died.” She shrugged. “Oh, well. I spent enough time with him beforehand, anyway.”

At this, Naruto, who had been intently listening to the conversation, jumped in, unwanted. “Are you trying to say the old man wasn’t worth your time?!”

Raiden chuckled softly. “Is this one of your pupils, Hatake? He needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut before someone shuts it for him.”

“Is that a threat?” Naruto demanded, standing up and clenching his fists. Raiden noticed he was taller, too, and she could see more of the fox in him.

“Merely an observation, kid.” She turned her attention back to Hatake. “So, is he your student? I assume he is—he seems to be the complete opposite of you, though. Aren’t pupils supposed to take after their teachers?”
“In this case,” Hatake said, putting a hand on Naruto’s shoulder to calm him down a little bit, “Naruto would be the exception. Besides, my other student Sasuke takes after me more. He’s a bit more…mindful of his moves.”

“Ah.” Raiden picked her water up again and downed the rest of it. She wiped her lips with the back of her sleeve and stood up. “Well, then. Hatake, I will see you in the morning.” Hatake looked slightly confused, and she feigned innocence. “Oh, I guess Tsunade didn’t tell you. I’m going to be helping out with your team from now on. You, and Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, if I’m correct.” She smiled sweetly, too sweetly. “I think we’re going to have so much fun, don’t you?”
As she flounced off, feeling triumphant in her at Hatake, she heard the Jounin mutter under his breath, “Wonderful. Just wonderful.”
Дата публикации: 14.01.2008
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