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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
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Naruto FanFictions - Chocolate Flowers

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Chocolate Flowers
Author - ShannaroSaku-chan

Chocolate Flowers

She smiled.

The winter winds blew roughly through the streets of Konohagakure at this time of night. Streetlights slowly ebbing away as the combat medic hurried through the slushy streets this late night. Grocery bags postioned in her securely in her arms, the apples of Sakura-s cheeks tinted darkly as the icy chills slapped at her pale skin.

Ah yes, this was going to be a peaceful night. Now only if she could get home on time!

December 14th has been a busy day. Running errands for both Tsunade-sama and Shizune-senpai, her usual practice at the old training ground, and for an added bonus... part time jobs at the hospital, Ichiraku Ramen Bar and Yamanaka Flower Shop. It-s been difficult, but recieving the deserved money for all of her working was completely worth it.

Christmas only comes once a year, and the Haruno girl wished to make this one extra special for all of her loved ones.

The tip of her nose darkening slowly while her feet splashed upon a puddle. The melting substance launching towards her exposed skin making her shiver with disappointed. Looking down at herself in disgrace, the rosette pinky-promised herself that she would make sure to warm herself up completely upon reaching her final destination.


That-s exactly where she wanted to be right now. Even though it was going to be a bit barren, she could deal with the loneliness. Sakura, like many other people were used to the whole "We-re going on a vacation, make sure you watch the house" act. The green eyed girl was so used to it that such a theatre number between her parents didn-t matter much anymore.

Go, she would always say trying to hide the vemon preparing to release from the deep corners of her throat, Go have your fun... Im fine with watching the house. How she resented that sentence now... Every Christmas, it was like this now. Her "so-called" parents would desert her and leave the poor girl to look over the house.

Yes, she was a responsible daughter--- but please, this was just too much. If you-re so sick of them... then why don-t you just move out? It-s common sense, dammit...

Ah, there you are... I was wondering when you were going to start smart-talking.. And there she was, her bastard of a mind was mocking her once again. It-s been years since she had to deal with the damnable voice in the back of her head... so why did she just have to come back? WHY?!

Very Funny... But seriously, if I have to hear your whining voice once again about those two... I am so certain that I-ll jump out of this head of yours and show you exactly how I feel about all of this!

There was really no point in fighting with her, Sakura hated to admit it... but her Inner personal was actually making a point. She-s been given the chance to leave the wonderous abode of the Haruno family, but... why couldn-t she just leave? Her parents never begged and pleaded for her to leave or stay, but the trio knew with Sakura gone... the place wouldn-t be in complete order. More like Utter Chaos if you ask me... Can you please keep your mouth shut? Jeez, you-re as loud as Naruto sometimes, you know?!

Naruto... Her blonde teammate was "missing" from the scene at the moment. Turns out that his sudden disappearance was thanks to the Godaime herself. A simple B rank mission--- she could-ve chosen anyone else but no! It just had to be Naruto. He was the only one whom she could feel close to at the moment, and now... he and everyone was gone. On their own holiday vacations.

Of course, it wouldn-t be proper for her to even think of asking if she could tag along--- Sakura wasn-t the type of person to be a third wheel in anything. It just didn-t feel right.

"Finally... I-m home" with a slight smile grazing her pink lips as the bags collasped from her arms, the pain of the plastic digging into her skin quickly wearing away. Kami, she was very happy to be home now.

Stripping of both her shin guards and coat, Emerald eyes scanned towards a small envelope now postioned beneath her zoori. It was now damp due to the final puddle she accidentally slipped into earlier but she could still read the handwriting even as the black ink began to flow onto her fingers. Swiftly opening the letter, she was prepared for either a postcard or a "Wish You Were Here" from the you-know-whos. Sakura was prepared for the worse... but she wasn-t prepared for this...

To the Lovely Haruno Sakura,

I give to you one elegant cherry blossom resembling your beauty.

And one sweet milk chocolate for your certain sweet tooth.

I wish you a Merry Christmas to brighten your hardworking day...

"Who...?" a gasp escaped her lips as she began to search for the presents. Crawling across the polished wood floors, Sakura cursed silently as her nobel brow made contact with the leg of the workdesk.

Ow... Why didn-t I see that coming? Groaning as she rubbed the newly formed mark on her forehead, her eyes came in complete conteact with exactly what her "admirer" had stated.

One Cherry Blossom...and a Chocolate Cherry Blossom? Decorated at that too! Whoever this secret admirer is... they-re very sweet if you ask me! It-s a trick... Konohamaru and his friends are probably behind this whole thing... or it could just be Lee... Her pink eyebrows converting to fuzzy callipillers, placing the letter upon the two presents before walking away from the room. Glancing only once again towards the desk...

It-s just a joke... right?
Дата публикации: 14.01.2008
Прочитано: 3550 раз

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