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Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls
Давно не умирали в играх? Попробуйте игры серии Bloodborne Demon’s Dark Souls, в которых вы будете умирать десятки, сотни раз!

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Naruto FanFictions - Angst of a Ninja

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Angst of a Ninja
Author - Dark-Angel-Cronos

Angst of a Ninja

Chapter 1

“Wake up Konoha! This is your early morning DJ Shuri Kunari, and her partner in early morning radio, Ken Murashami; giving you the big wake up as it’s the end of a long Christmas Break for all you High School students.”

Naruto didn’t let the alarm speak anymore; he pushed the off button hard, with malcontent in his face, as he looked at the time.

“Seven, damn it!” he wasn’t used to having to get up this early. Spending most of his break sleeping in late he felt his eyelids and brain tell him it was time for sleep but he forced himself up anyway. Moving out of his room he stumbled on a pile of clothes and made his way for the kitchen. His mini Christmas tree sat on the table, its lights where still glimmering. He hadn’t taken it down and didn’t plan too. ‘No real reason’ he thought.

Sliding on some sweat pants from the drier and a shirt off of the sofa he pop open a box of poptart’s and grabbed a pack stuffing them into his pocket for later. He didn’t have time to make ramen this morning instead he’d have to clean up real quick and then head out or else he might be late. He turned on his heel heading into the bathroom he grabbed a comb wet it and ran it through his hair pulling out all the tangles and mangles in one swoop. ‘Little dirty but not bad’ he thought splashing some water in his face and pulling his toothbrush from its cup into his mouth he briskly lathered his teeth and then rinsed looking himself once over in the mirror before heading to his room and packing his bags.

“Today just feels like one of those days. Yeah know what I mean Kyuubi” Naruto was getting used to the fox inside him. Heck it talked back, not like anyone else did. ‘Yeah it does, but hope springs eternal’. The Kyuubi had decided not to long ago to start accepting Naruto as well. Naruto’s body was its body and nothing was gonna change that, might as well deal. “Little cheerier than normal, this morning are we now?” Naruto wasn’t used to the Kyuubi being so at ease he usually felt it tense up when Naruto talked to it. Kyuubi didn’t respond so Naruto assumed the conversation was over and slipped on his jacket picking and picked up his bag heading out the door.

Naruto arrived on campus about ten minutes before the bell so he decided to find someone to talk too. Luckily, he didn’t have to look far as someone had found him.

“Sup Naru,” Kiba showed up and patted Naruto on his back. Kiba was kinda of an outcast not really fitting into any real high school click so he, like Naruto, just kinda hung around with fellow outcasts and talked.

“Nothing much, Kiba” Naruto noted Shikamaru had showed up with Kiba, his arm wrapped around Temari. “Sup, Shikamari” Naruto joked, as he never really saw the two of them apart except in classes. Shikamaru nodded with a half glare, while Temari gave a little wave.

“Zigga, where’s Hina?” Kiba looked curiously around he was looking for his love interest. Naruto laughed at his frantic eyes. Hinata was apart of the outcasts as well but had very little interest in Kiba. He knew she had her eyes set on someone different but felt it best not to shatter Kiba’s hopes especially Kiba being so close to Naruto.

”Here Kiba-sama” Hinata always refereed to Kiba as Sama over Kun because he was more like her brother. She gave him a slight hug in recognition and moved to walk beside Naruto.

“Hey Hina-Chan, how’s our little outcast princess today?” Naruto patted Hinata’s head. He always referred to her as the outcast princess ever since she won the part as the princess over Sakura in the play last year.

”Fine, but I’m surprised you’re even up this morning Naru-kun. Being Prince of laziness” She gave him a wink. The group spent a good amount of time at Naruto’s since it was spacious but over the break they hadn’t once gone over to his house and him not be asleep when they got there.

“Yeah seriously how did you get up? I mean you sleep more than Shikamaru over here.” Kiba gave a thumb to Shika who didn’t seem to mind, as this was his payback for the Shikamari joke earlier.

”You know, I’m not entirely sure but I think it involved my ceiling falling on my head.” Naruto grinned and shrugged it off as nothing more. Everyone laughed at the joke and headed into the school as the bell rang.

Hinata stayed with Naruto, they usually lagged behind a bit to talk in the mornings.

”So how was your weekend I noticed you didn’t come to see me.” Naruto started walking up the stairs to his locker, which was actually pretty close to Hinata’s now that he thought about it.

”It was busy. I’m sorry I really did want to come see you.” She inched a little closer to him her head was down she could feel the blush hit her face. When it was just the two of them she became so shy.

”Hmmm alright,” he wrapped an arm around her and gave her half hug as they walked “all is forgiven.” His arm stayed around her, which just made her a little more uncomfortable.

”Umm Naruto your arm…” Hinata was blushing really hard. Some students starred for a moment at the two it wasn’t unlike the group to walk arm in arm down the halls like the outcasts they where but they had never seen just those two doing it. Some shrugged it off as nothing while other more curious people watched with content.

“Huh, oh sorry Hina-Chan” Naruto removed his arm he felt himself blush a little he hadn’t meant it to be awkward like that. Hinata wished a little she hadn’t said anything and he had left his arm around her. “Listen I’ll see you Hinata I got to go to class. K?” He asked to make sure she was okay, she was speechless she seemed to have lost her voice she just nodded as he ran off.

Naruto felt his heart pounding a little as he found a seat in the middle of the class. He hadn’t expected so much awkwardness between him and Hinata already, but he supposed it just couldn’t be helped. The teacher was late as usual as Naruto looked up at the clock to see the bell had rang about two minutes ago anyway. As if on cue in Naruto’s mind, Kakashi-sensei appeared before the class from the door with dirty manga in hand.

“Okay, class. Its the first day back so we’re not gonna start anything yet. So what do we say?” Kakashi lowered his book and placed his hand to his ear and let the classes roar of a response signify he could continue reading.

”FREEDAY!” everyone shouted. Oh how Naruto hated free days, not that he minded the no-work policy. It was just all the kids he’d have to be stuck with during these free days.

“Hey Kakashi-sensei” Naruto walked up to his teachers desk setting his elbows down and propping his head in his hands. “Did you get that book I sent you for the holidays?” Naruto had gotten the latest copy of Jiraiya’s naughty books and sent a copy to Kakashi for a Christmas present.

”Yes I did Naruto and thank you for the sentiment.” Kakashi had enjoyed the book and was indeed thankful but didn’t really wish the conversation to go much further.

”Yeah, there are some amazing shots in there like that one where the girls…” Naruto was cut off by Kakashi covering his mouth.

”Not here Naruto, we’re on school premise” Kakashi removed his hand and returned to his book just to find that Naruto felt very persistent this morning.

“But Sensei that money shot at the end with the three guys all…”

“NARUTO DETENTION AFTER SCHOOL!!!” the students had turned when they heard Naruto say money shot, and Kakashi had to take action. Naruto seemed dumbstruck by this weird outcome for a conversation.

”FOR WHAT!!!!!” The entire class was in an uproar of laughter.
Дата публикации: 14.01.2008
Прочитано: 3706 раз

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