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Naruto FanFictions - Admiration

Naruto FanFictions

Name - Admiration


It was a dazzling, sunny morning in the Hidden Leaf Village. There spotted Hinata, strolling down the main path. She was on a D-rank mission.

A few miles away was Naruto, walking on the same route. He was heading for that same bridge where Team 7 had always met in the morning.

Hinata glanced up in the sky. It is so sunny today... huh? Hinata picked up footsteps in the distance. She turned around and used Byakugan. It-s- it-s Naruto-kun... She turned back around and began to walk again, acting as if she never noticed him.

Naruto-kun sure has changed a lot since the days at the academy... He isn-t alone anymore. His companions from his team keep him company all the time now. Naruto seems a lot more cheerful, and stronger. Hinata smiled with hands behind her back. Then she looked down and blushed.

Hinata did not seem to notice that as she was walking, she went off the main path and got into the forest surroundings. But she couldn-t stop herself from thinking of Naruto. Naruto is so.. cool. He-s also brave.. different from me... I want to be like him. I want to change...

Hinata is thoughts trailed off. She looked down and blushed. She then realized that she was in the forest. Eh? How did I.. How did I get here? She realized that she kept on thinking of Naruto, so she trailed off the main path. Oh I-d be so embarrassed if Naru-

"Oi. Hinata." Naruto had popped out of nowhere.

Hinata was taken by surprise. She took a step back, but she tripped over her foot. She ended up on the ground. "N-naruto-kun..."

Naruto ran towards Hinata. "Ah, Hinata-chan! You okay??"

"Daijobu, Naruto-kun.." She looked up and saw Naruto staring back at her. Then she quickly looked down and blushed.

Hinata-chan can never seem to look at me in the eye. What a weirdo... "Oh!" Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. Then he took out a kind of stick with a strawberry coating on it. "Want one?"

Hinata looked up. It was... Pocky. I never tried one of those.. They seem good.. Hinata took the Pocky stick from Naruto. "A-arigatou.. Naruto-kun." Hinata bit into it. Mmm...they are good!

Naruto smiled. He took another Pocky stick from the box and ate it himself.

When they both finished their stick.. Naruto asked Hinata. "So Hinata-chan, exactly why were you hanging out here anyways? I saw you walking on the path but then you started going into this forest."

"Oh... well..." Might as well tell him... "I-m-I-m on a mission. See, Kiba-kun recently lost track of Akamaru. I-m helping him search right now." "Ah.. souka.. well--" Naruto got up. "Good luck Hinata-chan! Ja ne!!" Naruto smiled. He turned around and headed out of the forest.

"J-ja, Naruto-kun.." There he goes.. he is so cool.. he is also very kind. I hope I change... I hope I can change just like Naruto did...

Just then, Hinata heard a barking sound. Akamaru!! Akamaru appeared and jumped on Hinata. "Akamaru, where were you? We-ve been seaching everywhere!" Akamaru barked in reply. "Let-s go back to Kiba-kun. He-d be happy to see you." Akamaru barked again.

Hinata looked up into the blue sky. Naruto-kun, just you wait. I-m going to change too.
Дата публикации: 14.01.2008
Прочитано: 3663 раз

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