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Naruto FanFictions - A Love Finally Felt
Naruto FanFictions

Name - A Love Finally Felt
Author - Moon Hekate

A Love Finally Felt

As dawn broke over the mountainous walls protecting the Village hidden in the sand, Anazu jumped out of bed and into her outfit of black pants, a purple tank, and her sandals. Then she moved into her bathroom and began to brush her long silky purple hair, which was full of tangles. She had gotten home late last night after the fight she had with a random guy at the bar she hung around at, and now she was late for work. She tied her hair up and grabbed her headband and her side pack and bolted out the door.

As she ran toward her post on the rocky slope, as a guard, she tied on her sash and tied her headband around her waist. She continued to race faster and faster fearing becoming even more late than she was. She knew it could cost her. She might even loose her job.

When she reached hr post she was relieved that the guard before her had already checked her in. She bowed in gratitude and watched as the night guard walked off. Then she stared out into the vast desert around the village. She knew today wouldn’t be different. The Squads were not on any good missions, and the Chunin Exams wouldn’t close for about another week. It had been two months now since Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou left with Baki as their leader. The Kazekage had left about a week ago to attend the final rounds of the Chunin Exams. The major battle between Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke, was o utmost importance to the Kazekage for some reson. Everyone knew that the Kazekage did not attend to see his son in battle.

As the day creaked on, Anazu stayed alert. She was bored but, she knew something would have to happen eventually. About and hour later, she began to see figures emerging from the vast open space of the desert. Two figures were completely standing, the third looked as if it were being dragged across the hot sand. She took out her binoculars and gasped when she saw that it was Kankurou, Temari, and Gaara being dragged in.

It was around lunch so she seemed to be the only one paying attention, let alone on guard. She turned and grabbed her pouch and fastened it to her waist, and crazily jumped straight from her post on the wall. It looked as if she were flying through the air, but it quickly ended as she landed and ran up to the team of three.

“What happened to Gaara?” Anazu asked immediately as she took a good look at him. He had many unusual signs of exhaustion and a large cut in the center of his fore head as if someone had head butted him with full force. Most of the blood was dried but some of it was a lighter shade as if it had freshly bled.

“He was in a fight. He’ll be alright. Has Baki returned yet?’’ asked Kankurou

“No. We assumed he’d be returning with you.”said Anazu.

Gaara grunted in pain as Temari set him down in the sand and backed away. Her eyes went wide with fear as Gaara’s eyes began to close, and the sand around him began to swirl. Kankurou and Temari backed away knowing what would soon happen. Anazu stood firmly and took out medical supplies from her pack. She took out water and a bowl, knowing that she shouldn’t move Gaara now. She poured the water into the bowl and took out a towel and dipped it in the bowl of water. She then placed it on Gaara’s head.

A giant hand came from Gaara’s left arm. It grabbed Anazu by the back of her neck, and started to lift her upwards choking her. She looked up towards the heavens. Her eyes closed and she grasped Gaara’s right hand tightly.

A shocked look crossed Kankurou and Temari’s faces, as the hand began to disappear and it regained human form, as Gaara’s hand. Anazu dropped to her knees and took in a large breath of air while staring down at Gaara. Then she turned and pulled Gaara onto her shoulder, and stood up.

“He needs medical attention. The sand can’t protect him from everything. He must have really exerted himself in this battle.It must have been hell.” said Anazu.

“Yeah, one hell of a battle,’’ said Temari as she looked at Kankurou then back at Anazu in utter amazement.
Дата публикации: 14.01.2008
Прочитано: 4686 раз

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