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Anime info

Naruto - Manga to Anime Cuts Guide

Manga to Anime Cuts Guide
Naruto Believe it or not there are things that were drawn in the manga but not animated. These cut scenes can run from understandable toning down of violence to whole scenes cut for no apparent reason. So for your readers who just know Naruto through the manga or through the animated series, this guide will help you know what what you may be missing.
Chapter 1 (Episode 1)

This is a rather important scene, one of the few big scenes which were cut without seemingly any reason what so ever. In the manga we actually view Naruto sneaking into the Third Hokage-s residence to steal the forbidden scroll of seals. In the series it goes from Naruto learning of the scroll to then leaving having stolen it. By cutting this scene it looks like Naruto was able to walk right in and steal this forbidden and dangerous scroll with no trouble. In the manga Naruto sneaks in but is caught by the Third Hokage, quick thinking by Naruto lets him use his Sexy no jutsu and knock out the Third. That then allows him to grab the scroll and bolt. This one still stumps me to this day, this would have been funny to see animated and would have cleared up a possible plot problem.
Chapter 1 (Episode 1)

This short scene involved all the Leaf ninja looking for Naruto commenting on how they would need to kill Naruto as soon as they found him. Also note the possible appearance of an early version of Akimichi Chouza.

Chapter 3 (Episode 3)

This short scene took place before the night of the Survival training. It showed Naruto utilizing his Kakashi "scarecrow" doll in his apartment to practice what moves he would unload on his new Jounin sensei.

Chapter 6 (Episode 5)

During the bell test, Kakashi casts a Genjutsu spell on Sakura. Sakura sees one of the most horrible things imaginable to her, a gravely injured Sasuke. This fake Sasuke featured more severe wounds, including a missing left arm, twisted legs and more kunai.

Chapter 6 (Episode 5)

Passing out from seeing the Sasuke in the previous entry, Sakura lay unconscious on the ground. The anime played up the more intense and comical spaz attack by showing Sakura with wide blank eye and seizure-like foam at the mouth.

Chapter 16 (Episode 10)

After fighting Zabuza for the first time, Hatake Kakashi used up a lot of his chakra and passed out. Team 7 brought him to Tazuna-s home to rest and recuperate. Seeing their master unconscious and their curiosity getting the better of them, Sakura and Naruto attempted to peek under their sensei-s mask to finally see his lower face. Unfortunately for them, their master suddenly awoke before they could see, giving both Genin quite a scare.

Chapter 20 (Episode 11)

In the original manga, the fisherman Kaiza was more badly hurt by the evil shipping magnate Gatф before he was eventually put to death. In the manga, Kaiza is tied to a cross after having his arms chopped off. In the anime, he is still tied to a cross, but his arms have been badly broken and bruised.

Chapter 31 (Episode 18)

Many of the cuts made to the series come from broadcast standards the animators needed to follow to get the anime to air at their timeslot. These usually involve reducing the blood or the extent of damage done. In episode 18 which come from this chapter, the animators reduced the damage Kakashi did to Haku when he used the Raikiri. In the original manga seen here, Kakashi-s forearm goes completely through the chest of Haku and his hand appears on the other side. In the anime it appears Kakashi-s fingers traveled a little ways into Haku-s chest.

Chapter 32 (Episode 19)

Another understandable content edit, in the manga when Zabuza attacks Gatф he not only slices into his chest, he also cuts off his head. In the anime Zabuza slices into Gatф-s chest and sends Gato over the side of the bridge into the water below.

Chapter 33 (Episode 19)

Another small edit that takes place at the beginning of the scene where Naruto and Team 7 visit Zabuza-s grave. Naruto tries to grab some of the food offerings to Zabuza and Haku-s grave but Sakura slaps his hand away and scolds him.

Chapter 45 (Episode 27)

After Anko threw the kunai at Naruto, it drew blood on his cheek. Anko drew close to Naruto and commented on how she loved the sight of blood. In the manga Anko expresses her sensual love for blood by licking it from Naruto-s cheek. In the anime she merely touches it with her fingers.

Chapter 45 (Episode 27)

As the team prepares to enter the Forest of Death, Naruto begins to psych himself up. In the manga Naruto flips the bird to all the other teams. In the anime he expresses his excitement by boxing with the air. This is one of many bird flipping cuts.

Chapter 46 (Episode 27)

Remember how the leeches helped Team 8 get their scroll so easily in the Chuunin Exam? Well the anime changes one interesting bit, the victim team is no longer from Konoha. The anime changed the team to be from Hidden Rain, perhaps because the animators felt Team 8 killing another village team was too rough.

Chapter 46 (Episode 27)

After Team 7 enters the Forest of Death, Naruto has to take a quick pee break. In the original manga, Sakura was appalled by his statement. Inner Sakura had no such qualms though, offering that she wouldn-t mind seeing Sasuke go. The anime leaves out the Inner Sakura commentary.

Chapter 58 (Episode 34)

A content edit which could easily be overlooked, Gaara and his siblings make it to the center tower with little effort. When Anko and the other examiners view the tape there are several corpses on the floor around the team barely out of frame. The anime leaves out the corpses and has the team in the tower alone.

Chapter 59 (Episode 34)

A small edit, when Kankurou explains the uselessness of fighting Gaara to Shigure, the Rain ninja thinks how impossible it is his attack was stopped. He briefly states the needles are able to pierce 5mm worth of steel. This line is completely dropped from the anime.

Chapter 69 (Episode 40)

Like the cut made in chapter 31, this one was probably made due to its extreme nature. In the anime when the destruction bugs plug up Zaku-s vents, it appears his skin breaks on his arms. In the original manga, the force actually causes Zaku to lose an arm.

Chapter 89 (Episode 52)

Ebisu wears glasses and he has a penchant for pushing them back up his nose with his middle finger. This habit is still there in the anime, however he uses his index finger as well.

Chapter 90 (Episode 52)

In translating this chapter to animation, the plot was reworked. The anime omitted an Ebisu teaching lesson focusing on stamina and its relation to Taijutsu. In the example Rock Lee was used to explain how the process works.

Chapter 91 (Episode 53)

Naruto and Jiraiya-s first meeting was not without its problems. Naruto took great offense to the pervert hermit and his excuses, flashing him a bird to let him know he didn-t buy them. The anime keeps Naruto-s fury, but removes the bird flipping.

Chapter 92 (Episode 54)

Another small content edit. After Gaara uses the power of Shukaku to kill Dosu, the author gives us a glimpse at mutilated body. In the anime, we just see his form on the ground, with some blood on his arm. In the original manga, we get to the see the huge slices carved through his chest and body.

Chapter 92 (Episode 54)

This chapter was modified to alter how Naruto used up his chakra in preparing to learn the Kuchiyose technique. In the manga Jiraiya had Naruto practice his water surface walking until he passed out. In the anime Naruto used Kage Bunshin and had he and his clones fight until all their chakra was gone.

Chapter 92 (Episode 54)

A small content edit, Hayate-s gruesome end had its blood amount greatly reduced. Carrion birds were also removed from around his corpse.

Chapter 102 (Episode 61)

An alteration made to lessen potential outcry from the media and populace, Neji-s cursed seal on his forehead was originally a variation of what is known as a swastika. Though that meaning behind the symbol was the Buddhist version, rather than the one more commonly exhibited by the Nazi, it was still altered into a X in the anime.

Chapter 105 (Episode 63)

After Neji-s match with Naruto, Hyuuga Hiashi came to Neji to tell him what really happened to his father. In the original manga, Hiashi merely tells Neji what happened. In the anime, this was altered to have Neji read a scroll from his father.

Chapter 105 (Episode 63)

A strange minor cut. After Naruto defeats Neji, he looks to the stands to see if Hinata saw him beat her cousin. With Hinata and Kiba knocked out, they-re not able to view his win. The anime cuts this out entirely.

Chapter 119 (Episode 70)

A rather tiny cut but an unfortunate one. After Asuma arrived out of nowhere to rescue Shikamaru, he quickly dispatched the Sound ninja. Asuma then nonchalantly flicked his cigarette into a pile a blood to put it out. An unfortunate cut since it would have helped play up the "bad ass" nature of Asuma-s character.

Chapter 121 (Episode 72)

In the original manga, when the Third Hokage tracks Orochimaru to his hidden human experimentation lair, the bodies of dead civilians and ninja line the walls. In the anime the audience only sees jars containing unknown organs and remains.

Chapter 122 (Episode 72)

In the original manga, the First Hokage is the ninja who utilizes the Kokuangyou technique. In the anime this was changed to have the Second Hokage initiate the technique.

Chapter 129 (Episode 76)

Another content edit, in a flashback to when he was young, Gaara remembers how he attempted to slit his wrist but the incarnation of sand protected him. In the anime this was changed to have Gaara try to stab the back of his hand.

Chapter 139 (Episode 80)

After viewing episode 80 this scene may appear to have been cut, but the series makers instead moved this scene to episode 83.
Chapter 139 (Episode 81)

An understandable content edit, the bathing women were heavily enshrouded by steam in the anime. In the manga, their natural form was greatly enjoyed by the peeping Jiraiya.
Chapter 150 (Episode 86)

As Naruto walks through the festival city he stops by a mask shop and purchases a mask. Various masks in the background represent past Japanese manga, anime and tv series "in-jokes" included by Kishimoto. These include masks of Kamen Rider and Chaozu from the Dragonball series. The anime changed many of these to generic masks.
Chapter 150 (Episode 86)

When Gantetsu moves to attack Naruto, Jiraiya reveals the Rasengan to Naruto. As the attack impacts, Gantetsu is sent flying. In one deft move Jiraiya connects with Rasengan and also manages to grab Gantetsu-s wallet. In the anime Gantetsu willingly gives Jiraiya his wallet.
Chapter 156 (Episode 89)

During Jiraiya and Naruto-s search for Tsunade, Jiraiya enters a gambling parlor. While Naruto mills around he finds a coin on the ground. Wondering how the slot machine works he decides to insert his coin. We then see Naruto has amazing luck, as he wins back an large amount of money. In the anime this was changed to have Naruto win a lot of money in a lottery instead.
Chapter 166 (Episode 94)

A minor edit concerning the location of the small shinobi animals, Gamatatsu, Gamakichi and TonTon are all in the thick of the action when the giant snakes begin to attack.
Chapter 166 (Episode 94)

Related to the previous entry, TonTon was among the injured fallen in the manga. In the anime, the three shinobi animals moved away to safety early on.
Chapter 167 (Episode 94)

When Naruto moves to protect Tsunade, Kabuto charges with a kunai. In the manga the kunai pierces straight through Naruto-s palm. In the anime the angle of the kunai was moved to connect more between Naruto-s fingers.
Chapter 188 (Episode 112)

When Team Shikamaru escapes from Jiroubou-s mud prison, Kiba offers his middle finger to the Sound ninja as an added insult. The anime removes Kiba-s bird flipping.
Chapter 196 (Episode 117)

Kidoumaru did his best to take down Neji, this was especially apparent in the original manga, where his first arrow ripped a massive hole through Neji-s shoulder. The anime greatly reduced the size of the hole. While this may serve as a content edit, it also made it more feasible for Neji to live through such an attack.
Chapter 206 (Episode 121)

One of many Kimimaro content edits, the anime greatly reduced the rather brutal nature of Kimimaro-s bone use. In the anime the bone is pulled and extended from the body with little blood loss and almost no view of the underlying musculature.
Chapter 208 (Episode 122)

Another content edit, when Shikamaru gets caught in Tayuya-s Mugen Onsa genjutsu, he is restrained and his skin and muscle begin to melt off his body. In the manga the melting material drips off Shikamaru-s bones. In the anime the whole of the forearm melts away.
Chapter 215 (Episode 126)

Kimimaro-s encasement within Gaara-s sand and his subsequent crushing are accompanied by a significant amount of more blood in the manga.
Chapter 219 (Episode 128)

One of the stranger edits in the series, during the battle at the Valley of the End, Naruto makes a last second save in mid-air by creating Bunshins which grab on to one of the statue-s fingers by forming a human chain. A more extreme and honestly unbelievable version of this chain was used in episode 133.
Chapter 228 (Episode 132)

When Sasuke pierces through Naruto-s shoulder with Chidori, we see his arm and hand with no obstruction. In the anime, they lessened the violent nature of the strike by whiting out the arm and hand with Chidori-s electrical light.
Chapter 237 (Episode 135)

After bringing Naruto back from the Valley of the End, Kakashi goes to the fallen ninja monument to talk with Obito. This brief scene was taken out to be used in a later episode. This chapter and the next were greatly rearranged and split up over the course of 60+ episodes of filler. This filler was used to allow the manga to get further ahead.

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 20146 раз

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