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Anime info

Naruto - Anime Guide - Season 1 (Episodes 1-26)

Naruto Season: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine
Shippuuden Season: One | Two

Anime Guide: Season 1 (Episodes 1-26)
Zabuza Season One of the series debuted in Fall 2002. The manga series moved to animation under the direction of Studio Pierrot and aired on TV Tokyo, by the end of season one, it proved popular enough to move from Thursday to Wednesday evenings in prime time.

One notable characteristic of this first season, was the anime-s seeming reluctance to animate much of the manga per episode. This results in long recaps of the previous episodes, causing the episode itself to be approximately 15-16 minutes in length, rather than the 19-20 minutes seen in later seasons.
The Music

Opening One: "R*O*C*K*S" by Hound Dog

Episodes: 1-25

Opening Two: "Haruka Kanata" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Episodes: 26-53 (Only Episode 26 for this Season)

Closing One: "Wind" by Akeboshi

Episodes: 1-25
The Story Arcs
Episode 1-5: Series Introduction

The first five episodes introduce the series. It establishes the world and many of its characters.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 1: "Sanjou! Uzumaki Naruto ~ Calling on! Uzumaki Naruto"

Airdate: 10/03/2002

Introduces the series, the Kyuubi demon has been sealed within the young child Naruto and he struggles to find recognition from those who hate and fear him in the world by pulling pranks.

Episode 2: "Konohamaru da kore! ~ I am Konohamaru!"

Airdate: 10/10/2002

Introduces Konohamaru. Konohamaru, the grandson of the village leader wants to get out of his grandfathers shadow and become his own skilled ninja. He and Naruto come to form a close bond.

Episode 3: "Shukuteki!? Sasuke to Sakura ~ Old Enemy!? Sasuke and Sakura"

Airdate: 10/17/2002

Introduces Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto gets placed on a team with fellow academy classmates Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto struggles to prove he is better than Sasuke so he can gain Sakura-s affection.

Episode 4: "Shiren! Sabaibaru enshuu - Test! Survival Exercise"

Airdate: 10/24/2002

The team struggles to prove themself against their new Jounin sensei Kakashi. All three try to prove themself, but Naruto fails miserably.

Episode 5: "Shikkaku? Kakashi no keturon - Disqualification? Kakashi-s Decision"

Airdate: 10/31/2002

Kakashi tells the team they-re not fit to be ninjas, but are they not seeing "underneath the underneath"?
Episode 6-19: Wave Country Mission

The next arc details Team 7 and their fight against Zabuza and his compatriot Haku in the Wave Country.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 6: "Juuyoi ninmu! Nami no Kuni e chou-shuppatsu ~ Important Mission! Super-departure to the Wave Country"

Airdate: 11/07/2002

Team 7 is finally given a new mission to protect bridge builder Tazuna. Is there more to Tazuna-s plight than he is letting on?

Episode 7: "Kiri no ansatsusha! ~ Assassin of the Mist!"

Airdate: 11/14/2002

Introduces Zabuza. On the way to the Wave Country, the team is attacked by Hidden Mist missing-nin Zabuza! Kakashi takes charge of the situation, how will he fare?

Episode 8: "Itami ni chikau ketsui ~ The Decision Sworn on Pain"

Airdate: 11/21/2002

Kakashi uses his Sharingan eye against Zabuza, but his opponent gets the upper hand. Can Naruto and Sasuke save him?

Episode 9: "Sharingan no Kakashi ~ Sharingan Kakashi"

Airdate: 11/28/2002

After being freed by Naruto and Sasuke-s teamwork, Kakashi shows why he is known as Konoha-s "Copy Ninja."

Episode 10: "Chakura no mori ~ Forest of Chakra"

Airdate: 12/05/2002

Introduces Haku. The Team makes their way to Tazuna-s house and Kakashi has his team learn a new lesson, walking up trees by focusing chakra to your feet.

Episode 11: "Eiyuu no ita kuni ~ The Country That Had a Hero"

Airdate: 12/12/2002

Tazuna reflects on Inari-s step-father who faced the evil Gatф in the past. His death had a profound impact on the creation of Inari-s negative view of heroes.

Episode 12: "Kyoujou kessen! Zabuza futatabi!! ~ Decisive Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Again!!"

Airdate: 12/19/2002

While training in the woods, Naruto meets an attractive young person. Zabuza later returns proving his "death" was indeed faked. Can Team 7 take him out for good?

Episode 13: "Haku no hijutsu Makyou Hyoushou ~ Haku-s Secret Technique Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors"

Airdate: 12/26/2002

Sasuke tries his hand at facing Zabuza-s compatriot Haku. Does Sasuke have any hope against Haku-s deadly secret technique? Also Naruto comes to Inari-s aid and shows that being a hero is worthwhile.

Episode 14: "Igaisei No.1 Naruto sansen! ~ No.1 in Surprising Characteristics Naruto Join the Battle!"

Airdate: 01/09/2003

At the beginning of this episode there is a 5-6 minute recap of the previous episodes in the series. Naruto rushes to Sasuke-s aid but ends up causing more harm than good.

Episode 15: "Shikai zero no tatakai, Sharingan kuzushi ~ The Fight in Zero Visibility, The Sharingan Crumbles"

Airdate: 01/16/2003

Does Kakashi have any chance in Zabuza-s element of the thick mist?

Episode 16: "Kaihou sareta fuuin ~ The Released Seal"

Airdate: 01/23/2003

Sasuke begins to gain an edge on Haku and gains his Sharingan, it proves futile though and he falls in battle saving Naruto. Seeing his comrade fallen, the seal containing Kyuubi within Naruto begins to break. The huge rush of chakra changes Naruto in new ways never experienced before.

Episode 17: "Shiroi kako • Himeta omoi ~ The White Past • The Hidden Thoughts"

Airdate: 01/30/2003

Naruto spares Haku-s life after recognizing him from their earlier meeting. Haku recalls his harsh life and how Zabuza gave him a reason to live.

Episode 18: "Shinobi to iu na no dougu ~ The Tool Called Shinobi"

Airdate: 02/06/2003

Haku asks Naruto to kill him, but does he have one more use left to Zabuza? Also, Kakashi takes control and shows Zabuza the difference in their abilities.

Episode 19: "Zabuza yuki ni chiru... ~ Zabuza Disperses into the Snow..."

Airdate: 02/13/2003

Naruto tries to find some manner of compassion in Zabuza for his fallen "tool" Haku. Naruto gets through and Zabuza uses his last bit of life to kill his former boss Gatф. Things look grim when Gatф-s men are about to attack, but what-s this? Inari with villagers to the rescue! The Wave Country is saved and Team 7 returns to Konoha changed for the better.
Episode 20-25: Chuunin Exam Test One

The next arc details Team 7 and their entrance into the Chuunin Exam. This "mini-arc" is part of a larger "Chuunin Exam/Invasion" arc which will span until Episode 81.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 20: "Shinshou totsunyuu! Chuunin shiken dattebayo ~ Rushing Into a New Chapter! It-s the Chuunin Exam"

Airdate: 02/20/2003

Introduces Gaara, Temari and Kankurou. Kakashi nominates his team to take the Chuunin Exam. Team 7 meets three other Genin from Hidden Sand, and these siblings leave unimpressed by the Leaf ninja.

Episode 21: "Nanore! Arawareta kyouteki tara!! ~ Identify Yourselves! The Formidable Enemies who have Appeared!!"

Airdate: 02/27/2003

Introduce Lee, Neji and TenTen. Iruka doubts that his former students are ready to take on the Chuunin Exam, so he tests each to make sure they are ready. Team 7 then makes their way to the testing center and meets three other Leaf Genin who are a year older than them.

Episode 22: "Kiai 120%, Nau de rokku na chousenjou! ~ Fighting Spirit 120%, Now the Rocking Challenge!"

Airdate: 03/06/2003

Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to prove he can push himself beyond the skills of a "genius" like Sasuke. However, Lee-s sensei Gai appears and ends the match. Team 7 then heads to the written exam testing room.

Episode 23: "Kechirase raibaru! Shinjin 9 zen-in shuugou ~ Defeat the Rivals! The Rookie 9 all Gathered"

Airdate: 03/13/2003

Introduces Chouji, Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba, Hinata, Shino and Kabuto Team 7 meets their fellow Genin in the testing room. A fellow Genin with more experience named Kabuto tells the Genin to not make any enemies. Kabuto gives out ninja info he has collected and Genin from Hidden Sound attack him after being insulted by his report on them.

Episode 24: "Ikinari shikkaku? Chou-nankan no daiichi shiken ~ Suddenly Disqualified? The Super-Obstacle First Test"

Airdate: 03/20/2003

The Genin sit and begin their test. A difficult combination of book and experience knowledge is required. Many realize the goal of the test is to cheat and not get caught, everyone realizes this except for Naruto...

Episode 25: "Deta-toko shoubu! Funbari dokoro no 10 monme ~ Leaving Victory or Defeat to a Gamble! Standing Firm in Place on the 10th Question"

Airdate: 03/27/2003

The tenth question is difficult, with the statement that if you fail, you can never take the exam again. Many ninja give up to allow them to take the exam again, Naruto refuses to give-up, stating his way of the ninja prevents him from ever backing down. Those that remain then learn the tenth question was a trick, those that remain and face their fears as a team automatically pass.
Episode 26-37: Chuunin Exam Test Two

The next arc details Team 7 and their completion of the second test of the Chuunin Exam. This "mini-arc" is part of a larger "Chuunin Exam/Invasion" arc which will span until Episode 81.

In the following summaries, Orange = Filler.

Episode 26: "Zettai hikken! Shi no mori chokusen rupo! Konoha no gakkyuu shinbun da kore! ~ Absolutely Worth Seeing! Report Immediately Before the Forest of Death! It-s the Konoha Class Newspaper!"

Airdate: 04/02/2003

First filler episode. This episode was a one-hour special along with Episode 27 for the move to prime-time Wednesdays. This episode recapped the series and the world. Also this episode may be left out of some language dubs, resulting in every subsequent episode numbering being one less that what is stated here.
Next (Season Two) >>

Дата публикации: 26.11.2007
Прочитано: 27695 раз

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