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Full Biographies

Naruto - Biographies of heroes - Gai

Maito • Gai (Might Guy)

Personal Stats

Total Ability (TA)
Latent Potential
Unofficial TA

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 38
First Anime Appearance: Episode 22
Name Meaning: Might Guy

Stats Pre-Chuunin Exam

Physical Information
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/01
Bloodtype: B
Height: 184 cm (Pt 1)
Weight: 76 kg (Pt 1)

Ninja Information
Registration ID: 010252
Hidden Village: Leaf
Rank: Jounin
Team: Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee, TenTen

Stats Pre-Timeskip

Advancement Data
Academy Grad Age: 7
Chuunin Exam Age: 11
Jounin Age: ?
Jutsu: Asakujaku, Dainamikku • Akushon, Dainamikku • Entorii, Konoha Gouriki Senpuu, Konoha Senpuu, Omote Renge, Turtle Kuchiyose, Ura Renge
Weapons: Nunchaku

Missions Completed
D-Rank: 86
C-Rank: 269
B-Rank: 210
A-Rank: 177
S-Rank: 20

Gai Gai Might Guy is the Jounin sensei of Hyuuga Neji, TenTen and Rock Lee. He is also an old friend and rival of Hatake Kakashi. Guy is one of the most distinguished characters in Naruto, known for his bowl-cut hairdo, prominent eyebrows and his strikingly over-the-top personality which leaves others around him speechless. He refers to himself and Kakashi as "eternal rivals", despite Kakashi’s aloofness to the matter. Often, he will begin a grand speech to Kakashi, who will simply be looking at or listening to something else, causing Guy to become infuriated by Kakashi’s "hip" ignorance.

Guy appeared first of all during the Chuunin exams after Lee attempted to use a forbidden technique on Sasuke during a simple sparring match. Lee’s bandages were pinned down to a wall with a toy pinwheel, apparently thrown by Nin-Kame (Ninja Turtle), a talking turtle that wore a Leaf forehead protector around his neck. After chewing Lee out, Guy suddenly appeared in a puff of smoke on Nin-Kame-s back, striking a bizarre pose and proceeding to deliver a heavy punch to Lee’s face as punishment for his use of a forbidden move. Seconds later, the two embraced in a hug and Guy lectured Lee on the mysteries of being young and ordered a punishment of 500 laps. Team 7, utterly astonished and horrified by the display, stood dumbstruck as Guy explained his rivalry with Kakashi to them.

Gai Guy had been introduced to Lee several years earlier. As Guy and Kakashi watched over a class of young ninja at the Academy, they discussed a young "hot-blooded loser" with big eyebrows like Guy-s own. Guy encouraged the young man to hold on to his passion and ambition. Soon enough Lee was placed under the leadership of Guy. Lee was unable to perform Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, and felt he didn-t stand a chance against geniuses like his teammate Neji. Guy explained Lee was a genius of hardwork, because he performed extensive Taijutsu training of his body to become stronger. Watching the young man develop Guy chose to pass on his Taijutsu secrets to Lee, much to the young man-s happiness. Guy felt Lee was the only one capable of handling such techniques and helped Lee become deadly in the use of his body alone. Over the following year the team would go on several missions and Guy would enter his team into the Chuunin Exam.

Gai During the exam, official duties placed him in the central tower of the Forest Of Death. Here he stood as a support for his students and enforcer if needed, as was such the case when having to grab Neji around the neck when Neji almost made a post-match killing strike on Hinata. Prior to that, he warned the Sand siblings about Lee after their confidence in beating Tenten. When it was Lee’s turn to fight Gaara, Guy’s goofiness came through again when stating the obvious, telling Lee that Gaara’s gourd was suspicious. As Lee’s physical strikes were useless against Gaara’s sand, Guy explained that Lee was incapable of using Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, originally also as useless at Taijutsu. Realizing Lee’s limit, he instructed Lee to remove the training weights he had on his legs, which dropped to the ground with incredible force. With Lee’s speed now reaching levels where his movements were a blur, he finally broke through Gaara’s shield

Although the odds were still against him, Lee and Guy realized the best way to strike was to hit Gaara with attacks that deprived him of his sand shield, then land a critical blow. With a move in mind, Guy silently nodded to give approval to use it. Guy began to pray as Lee kicked Gaara up into the air, then looked again as Lee came down again and cracked Gaara’s skull on the ground. However, at the moment Guy’s eyes closed, Gaara substituted himself and escaped, taking his revenge on an almost incapacitated Lee.

With only one trick left, Lee recalled Guy’s early training days where along with his Taijutsu skill; Guy burned the art of perseverance into Lee’s mind, reassuring Sakura that "the lotus of Leaf blooms twice". Kakashi recognized his double-entendre, referring to Lee opening the Eight Celestial Gates, a dangerous strategy in itself, then using a high-risk move, the Ura Renge (Reverse Lotus). Kakashi initially considered Lee knowing the move to be overkill, reprimanding Guy for teaching it to him, but guy explained it as being more than just a technique to win a fight, but to protect his very way of life as a ninja.

Gai As Guy gave running commentary on the move, Lee performed it, only for Gaara to just barely slip out of taking the full impact. Enraged, Gaara crushed Lee’s arm and leg, but Guy broke his grip, since Lee was no longer able to battle. Even though Gaara was declared the winner, Lee stood back up on the most primal of instincts, forcing Guy to finally call him off in tears. However, he was visibly shaken as a medical team arrived; stating Lee might never be a shinobi again after such injuries. Kakashi offered an apology, and Lee was taken away. As Lee recovered in the hospital, Guy would arrive to once again stop Gaara from injuring Lee further. Lee and Guy later came to watch the finals as spectators, with Lee limping on crutches and yet still amazingly in high spirits. Guy observed that Sasuke was as fast as Lee without the weights, but wondered why Sasuke was also using Taijutsu alone, since the strategy failed against Gaara before. As the fight progressed, it became apparent to Guy that Sasuke had increased it to compliment a Ninjutsu skill, the Chidori.

However, as it struck Gaara, Guy and Kakashi noticed that a Genjutsu was occuring and quickly drove it off themselves as it forced everyone else asleep. An ambush followed and the two found themselves fighting to protect their own lives as well as the sleeping spectators as a combination of Sand and Sound ninja invaded the village. As a Sound ninja was about to sneak attack Naruto, Guy showed his superhuman speed and strength, pinning the enemy against a wall with his fist, then smashing him through it with a second strike. Amusingly, even under such circumstances, Guy was keeping track of how many ninja they defeated. While the Sound ninja were eventually defeated, Guy would next be seen at the funeral of the Third Hokage, mourning.

Gai Gai Guy next appeared after delivering a strong kick to Hoshigaki Kisame as he and Uchiha Itachi came for Naruto. With Kakashi incapacitated from Itachi’s Genjutsu, Guy explained there was a way of fighting even a Sharingan user. One must avoid eye contact and focus on the movements of the user-s feet, something developed fighting Kakashi. While Kisame was eager to fight, Itachi called a retreat, leaving Guy to attend to Kakashi. Guy would later pursue the Akatsuki duo and mistakeningly deliver a powerful kick to Jiraiya, who had just driven Itachi and Kisame off. Guy apologized to the man and carried an injured Sasuke back to Konoha for treatment.

When Tsunade returned to Konoha she would attend to Lee, still near-crippled from his injuries sustained by Gaara. Guy pleaded with her to examine him, even during her examination of Kakashi. However, the crushing news came that the operation to repair the damage was 50/50, with the results either promoting recovery or killing Lee. After a lot of soul-searching and a heart-to-heart talk with Guy, Lee agreed to take the surgery. It turned out to be a success, although Lee still needed a lot of rehabilitation. After returning from a mission, Guy went to check on Lee and he was overjoyed at the good news. However he soon learned Lee was not there, he had run off without permission to aid in Sasuke’s rescue.

Even worse, Guy made a startling discovery that Lee may have become intoxicated. After Guy successfully trained Lee in the use of the Reverse Lotus, the team went to a restaurant to celebrate. Mistaking alcohol for water, Lee took a sip and became violently drunk. Thanks to a mistake from Tsunade, Lee had taken her sake bottle instead of his medicine, causing Guy to shudder at the force of a completely drunken Lee. After the mission, Lee’s rehabilitation with Guy continued, despite Guy commenting that he was having difficulty keeping up with Lee’s youth.

Gai In the 2.5 years that passed (events depicted in the anime only), Guy was the subject of much comedy, firstly being impersonated by a pair of amateur ninjas disguised as him and Lee, attempting to also disguise himself with a handlebar moustache and afro wig to enter a dojo Lee had built for martial arts challenges, while also receiving a challenge of his own from someone seeking revenge for a man he defeated a long time ago.

Guy would next appear backing up Team Seven as they answered a call for help from Hidden Sand. As he and the rest of his team approached the meeting point, Guy came across Kisame once more, still feeling vengeful for the kick. Guy had no idea who he was, comically raising Kisame’s hopes and then dashing them with completely blatant observations about him instead of his name.

Gai Gai The entire team had a tough time with him, reaching the point where Guy was left alone to face him and even after attacking Kisame with a nunchaku and disarming him, found himself at a major disadvantage. With no other choice, Guy opened the 6th Celestial Gate and pummeled Kisame with a series of flaming punches, with the visual display resembling a peacock’s tail and earning the move name of Morning Peacock. However, when they examined the corpse, it was merely another man that had been transformed into Kisame. Guy simply concluded that he did not indeed know the man, hilariously.

Gai Gai The team then set about breaking into one of Akatsuki’s caves, having made it to the rendezvous point. Several tags had been set up at points around the cave, requiring removal to open the seal. As each was removed, a copy of the remover formed to combat them. However, the copies were inferior and Guy eventually won, as did the rest of the team. When the mission was over, Guy slid off his backpack, put it on his front instead and offered an exhausted Kakashi a piggyback ride home. Lee then did the same with Neji, who blatantly refused. After this incident, Guy has not been seen in the storyline.

Gai Guy is, at heart, a comedy character. He is goofy, excessive and an even more exaggerated version of Lee. The two are a perfect comedy duo, with Guy making an overly enthusiastic statement and Lee taking it literally. Guy also has a ridiculous habit of setting himself unreasonable tasks as self-punishment, but claims the method to his madness is more like self-discipline, which strengthens him. His other major partner is Kakashi, who he holds a mostly one-sided rivalry with, even going as far as to keep a win-loss record of challenges he sets Kakashi, who often comes across as the straight man of the duo, ignoring his most outrageous speeches. Despite his comedy, Guy is among the elite of the series, astoundingly powerful and fast with experience to back him up, even if his battles end up amusing the fans more than amazing them.

Might Guy Timeline
BSS: Before Series Start
ASS: After Series Start
(All dates approximate)

26 Yrs. BSS - Guy Born
19 Yrs. BSS - Graduates Academy
15 Yrs. BSS - Passes Chuunin Exam
14 - 2 Yrs. BSS - Becomes Jounin and starts rivalry with Kakashi.
1 Yrs. BSS - Becomes Jounin sensei of Lee, Neji and TenTen.
0 - Series Start.
6 Mo. ASS - Enters his team in Chuunin Exam.
7 Mo. ASS - Fights alongside Kakashi during Sand and Sound invasion.
8 Mo. ASS - Faces Itachi and Kisame.
10 Mo. ~ 3 Yrs. 3 Mo. ASS - Increases skills and strength, Watches his team pass Chuunin Exam.
3 Yrs. 3 Mo. ASS - Travels to River Country to save Gaara.

Дата публикации: 20.11.2007
Прочитано: 9407 раз

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